Thursday, April 17, 2014


We have renters. Two adorable couples expecting little ones in a little over a month I'd guess. I had wanted to fix the two houses up a bit before they came but I didn't have an arrival date and well, with the move and everything it didn't get done.

Actually I wasn't sure anyone was coming at all. We had wanted to move the one house out of our prime view and shift it over to the south side of the house but it was too late. The first couple checked out the accommodations Saturday and with a quick glance they moved right in and began fixing the inside up to their satisfaction. The second couple arrived today and they too set to moving in right away. I wonder if they come back year after year? I've heard of such summer renters. We won't know because they don't speak English and we don't speak Mountain Bluebird.

It has been so much fun watching them. The female is always the first to enter the house and after a few moments sitting on the post the male goes to the door and sticks his head in. I can just hear the lecture, " Now wipe your feet and don't mess up the sticks I just set there. They are exactly where I want them." Then he enters and in the mornings they come in and out a bit but by mid morning they settle in for the day and we don't see much of them again. I've read this is part of their mating ritual.

I've set out a snack. I wonder if they like sunflower seeds and wheat? It is all I have as a house warming gift. As I said before, I just wasn't ready for company. We don't even have our bird feeder and pole here yet. There are some Juncos that come to a certain tree in the backyard. No idea what kind it is but it seems to be their favorite. I set the feed in a pan at the bottom of it on our back deck which is near the bird houses. Not sure if the deer or the birds will eat it first.

On another note, Kirk and I have finished cutting up the yaks. Oh what a chore. We decided since our meat equipment wasn't set up we would just do them like we would an elk or deer. That way we just needed the grinder with the cuber attachment. My was it a chore. Oh I said that once but it was because though we probably got as much meat as we would have on a beef it was a whole lot more work. There was four shoulders to cut meat away from the bone, two sets of ribs cages to take meat off between the bones, and four hind quarters. Not to mention the loins. We had loin sandwiches as we cut to see what kind of meat we would be eating for a long while. They were so tender and good. Then for supper we had brisket. I laid it flat and sprinkled on dried onion tops, (remember the ones that never reached maturity and I dried?) a generous shake of dried garlic, and then a nice amount of bacon ends. Then I rolled it up in a jelly roll style and sprinkled bouillon and cut onions on top throwing in the rest of the bacon, plus added some water. When it was done I made gravy from the pan drippings. With a baked potato and a green salad we had quite a meal without much energy exerted on the project. Yes, indeed those girls taste good.

A friend of Kirks has a wife that tends bar and she over heard some ranchers say they expected hamburger to be eight dollars a pound next year. Wonder if the US will start importing more beef to offset the shortage? I've also heard of groups who are trying to make it so meat is very expensive in order to force people to start eating less of it. I resent that. All meat is not made alike. Besides who has the right to dictate another's diet when the individual is paying for it. If they are an idiot then they should suffer the consequences. The other thing we Americans aren't suppose to have to suffer from. It is always someone else's fault. Someone else should bale us out because we exist. Well I'm hear to tell you that I raise as much of what we eat as possible because I want those consequences of my actions.  I'm healthier than I've been in in years and growing healthier all the time. Yes, I do have relatives who have chosen to destroy their health and the government is baling them out. I'm not even going to go there because it makes me really cranky.

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