Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sad Day!

Sad day on the country lane. The two yaks are now hanging in the barn and not standing in the pen outside it. They committed a capitol crime as far as our time and budget would allow. They jumped two barbwire fences and were two pastures away at the very far end of the second. The pastures are two hundred acres apiece. We could barely make out two brown blobs with a larger blog of animals off to the left. We assumed the larger blob was horses. The sun was not far above the mountains in the west and it would not belong before dark. It was then 6:30 and I had gone out to do chores. We had in mind of building two small pastures and we could now see the girls would not put up with any kind of mini operation with bigger and better things next door. The girls had tasted freedom and once a yak learns to jump fence, they like a cow, will jump fence for ever more.

We saw no other option and took it as a sign from the Lord that we were to get out of the yak business. If you think about it, a yak has lots of hair so an electric fence isn't going to work. A yak is built like a tank to move snow and if they want to go through a fence, they will plow their way. In reality a fence is really just a suggestion. Much like the tall fences at the buffalo ranch next to where we use to live were. We were not going to fool ourselves into believing that we could afford to buy fencing that would keep the girls in nor had the time to build that kind of fence that would be in the end a suggestion.

When we told our daughters they were upset. With their big brown sweet eyes and  throaty grunts that greet us when we come to feed, it wasn't easy to say goodbye to the yaks. But that is the difference between pet owners and livestock owners. A goat appraisal judge told us we had to be hard hearted or we weren't going to get anywhere in our breeding program. This is no different. The yaks are a luxury, not a need like the dairy goats or the chickens. We didn't have the luxury of trying to keep them for a period of time in order to sell them when we couldn't keep them in and we wouldn't be around part of the time. With beef prices high and going to remain high for sometime, it makes sense to put meat in the freezer while we have it.

Headaches we don't need and processing the meat will be a headache but trying to keep the girls in while running back and forth to the other property while moving would make it nearly impossible to keep a close watch on them. We are reaching our limit expense wise especially with the multiple trips back and forth to move. The decision was made. We needed to cut livestock numbers and expenditures. This untimely event just pushed us to make hard decisions. 

When we had determined that the yaks were going to settle in with the rancher's horses for the night, we decided to wait until morning to do the dirty deed. It really wasn't light enough to shoot responsibly. So this morning bright and early we went out once more with the rancher and took care of our problem.

While we were getting the girls in the barn to age, we decided to do another dirty deed. Or rather for me to do it as soon as I could get the job done. We are going to put the rooster in chicken noodle soup along with two hens that haven't laid more than a few eggs since reaching maturity last fall. Now that the rooster is in the backyard, we can hear that he crows wa...y too much for having neighbors. He is really sweet tempered BUT we don't need complaints nor make a bad impression when we've only just moved in.

I don't mean to be a complainer. I can see the Lord's hand in our move as he has helped us in countless ways. That doesn't mean it hasn't come with trials though. The car being run into which we are still waiting on the check. The freezer going out and now the yaks. Please, I'm tired. I have taxes yet to do. I have now 100 bags to get made. Someone wants to look at our house in a week and a half and it is a complete disaster. We aren't moved out. The sheds aren't gone off the property yet.

Oh how I'd like to put a sign on the door and say, "Gone fishing!" but I don't have time. So I'll just keep saying to myself, "The Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle. The Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle."

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