Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!!

Our sweet pea is back visiting along with her Aunt, our oldest daughter, for Memorial Day weekend. Oh how they love this place. Me too!!  
 Right now the fields surrounding the house are full of wild flowers and new blossoms appear every week or two. Just the thing to make bees happy. One of the hives had a queen that died so I stuck all the worker bees in together. It makes for one humming hive. Next year, I think I'll order several more hives worth of bees with an extra queen just in case. This place so far is bee heaven.

In Eastern Wyoming on the plains we use to get wild flowers galore when I was in high school but then slowly things dried up. No more strip farming, no more profusion of wildflowers, and even the sagebrush shrunk to a mere six inches in height in lots of areas. The rains have finally come to the land and more so at our new home since it sits nestled against the Big Horn Mountains.

I got in BIG trouble this morning as I mowed the lawn in the back. Our sweat pea was yelling at me, "Grandma what are you doing? Your mowing my flowers." Indeed I was but they are everywhere. I'm mowing less and less of the lawn trying to figure out just how I want to cut it down to size. Twelve hours of push mowing is not my style. My practical brains screams, a waste of time (I could be gardening), and a waste of money on fuel and mowing equipment. But just how to do it in a eye pleasing way is the question? The rocks and wood trim are another nightmare as they are everywhere and require hours and hours of trimming. Haven't done that yet. Then there are the here and there trees scattered far apart around the yard. Clusters of trees are so much easier to water. Some trees are coming out and some are eventually going in. Where is the wind break? Sometimes I wonder if anyone is practical anymore.
But for now I think I'll just sit back for a few minutes and enjoy the wildflowers.

These are shooting stars and were the first to appear.
I wonder if any of these gems have medicinal qualities hmmm......? Have a wonderful Day!!

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