Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Propogating Grapes

You probably remember my telling you that I went and helped Kirk's dad trim his grapes. A few of the cuttings I brought home, trimmed, and placed in a bucket of water with the hopes that they would create roots and sprout leaves. I had no idea what I was doing. I still have no idea what I'm doing but so far I've had some success.

Some sites said put the cuttings in soil and other experts said a bucket of water. I chose water so I could pull the vines out, trim the ends each week, and examine them. I'm ever the curious one. I thought that since cut flowers need their stems trimmed to continue drawing up water that the grape vines might appreciate the same treatment.

I slid the bucket by our sliding glass door where they would get lots of light and waited and waited in suspense. This was not the amount of light my in-law's neighbor said I needed but the most I could offer. The neighbor said he went to a class at the college and they recommended putting the vines in a bucket of water under a 1000 watt bulb. Results would occur in a couple weeks. 

Others said to put vine cuttings in a bucket of soil or bend a vine down and stick it in the ground and when it has formed roots, then cut it, and replant it elsewhere. Those methods all likely work but what was available to me was a bucket and a glass door. Like I've said before, there is always more than one way to do things successfully. So if you at first don't succeed, try, try again.
I did change the water in the bucket weekly and trimmed the very ends off the vines that were down in the water. The sites I read said to put a bud node under the water and that is where the roots will form. Mine must be rebels like myself because that isn't what they did but oh well, as long as they form producing plants I don't care where they want to place their roots. Then again maybe that is where they will later form roots. What do I know except it took about a month for anything to happen.
A couple weeks later, after the first six formed buds, three more followed suite. The first six were now in a bucket of sandy soil from our garden so in went the next three also. Now I have nine grape plants. Many of them are forming grapes. Now what do I do? I decided that in strawberries and most other plants you pinch off the fruit to direct the attention and energies toward developing roots when the plants are very young and so that is what I did this morning with the grapes.

It would be nice to know what other kind of grape I have other than Reliance and Concord. Kirk's dad had a third he couldn't remember the name of. I don't even know if I got vines from all three kinds as his dad didn't know what grape plants were what. It happens when you are 88. What am I talking about. It happens when you are in your fifties too. It will just have to come as a surprise next year what grapes vines produce what grapes. If they produce grapes next year. I may have to trim off the grapes again if the plants aren't developed enough at that time.

As for my grape plants back at the other house. They are all Concord. All whopping three of them. I'll dig them up this next trip and hopefully they will like their new home. At this place I hope to have two long rows of grape plants. I've read that grapes like a soil on the acidic side so I will probably put in a little Miracid along with the manure I will hopefully start hauling today. I'll throw in some Kelp and probably a little fish emulsion too. I'm afraid the garden has been planted with few soil additions over the 17 years of existance.

The rest of the vines that have not yet sprouted, I trimmed, and put in new water once more. I'm hoping a few of those swollen bumps I'm seeing are indeed more vines taking off. Kirk's dad said he had heard that it can take up to two months for certain types of vines to root. I'll just have to be patient and keep hope alive.  

Thank you for your patience last week as the funeral, sorting and removal of belongings from the trailer, and the search through twelve years of paperwork took its toll. The five of us did an amazing amount of work in a short amount of time with the Lord's help. He spread numerous blessing softening our trials. I'm glad to be home and find myself more motivated than ever to set my house in order.

I truly believe that when we die, we do not stop learning. Some lessons will be harder for us in heaven as our bodies can humble us and make us more teachable. Mine has frequently brought me to my knees. For those who are bull headed the journey home can be especially long and difficult.  May my step-dad finally find peace. 

When Kirk is off next we can go get the rest of our belongings moved and our other house ready for the market. Will that truly happen on this next seven off cycle? We are leery as one thing after another over the past few months has slowed the progress. Yet I know that in the Lord's time all will be accomplished. I was hoping for the middle of April to be done but he had other ideas. Experience has taught me that the Lord knows best. Someday I might even catch on to this patience thing that He keeps trying to teach me.

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