Thursday, May 22, 2014


Photo card reader is broke and I have several blogs ready to download photos to grrrrrr. Hubby will pick one up today. I'll be working on the other place and going to a funeral so don't expect a blog until Saturday.

What is up with the rash of funerals? My mother-in-law went to three in one week. Granted, she is older and that means many in her age group are passing but I will have gone to two in two weeks. One for my step-dad and one for a friend our age. A lot of people are headed home. I swear heaven processes groups and lately there has been a large crowd from around the world.

This funeral was tied to the terrible accident on Hwy 59 where eight vehicles were stopped for construction, awaiting a pilot car, when a tour-size bus filled with coal miners headed home after a graveyard shift plowed into them going 65mph. I'm guessing the bus driver fell asleep with the cruise control on. What a tragic situation all around. My heart goes out to the family, friends, bus driver, construction workers who were involved, and those injured but not killed. It will be many difficult months ahead for them all.

On a happy note, hubby cut down the small trees snugged up against the garden shed so I could paint. I told him it looked like they were berry trees of some sort but I didn't want to know what kind. It would make me sadder to know what I had lost. Just cut them down because they would eventually destroy the siding on the shed and I couldn't keep it repaired or painted with them there. We have lots of those situations here. Why do people plant so close to buildings? They have got to know the things are going to grow.

Oh well, it is done and a fresh coat of white now covers the shed. It looks a whole heaping better than the peeled paint affair. It makes me smile when I go into the yard and see that bright note. While I was at it, I painted the bench for the mud room his father made us. It was with the white barn paint and eventually I'll need a glossy coat of white on the bench but it will do for now. I'm sure I'll be painting trim in the house and I can do it then.

Last night while Kirk and I were relaxing on the couch too tired to budge, we heard a racket coming from the garage. We stared at each other in bewilderment and slowly got up to see what was making it. Those crazy goats! I swear if the back door had been open, not just the garage door, then they would have let themselves in the house. Daisy was stuck on the back porch and couldn't figure out how to get back down the steps. She was knocking stuff off.

A corner of the fence wasn't attached to the garden shed. Hadn't been since before we moved in but my going in and out of it to paint the back of the shed must have alerted the goats to the opening. We've tried leaving the goats out to graze the lawn but they get into so.... much mischief. They spend more time checking things out than grazing.

I'll be back. I promise. Until then I hope you are getting your garden planted or for some of you harvested. I'm trying but right now I will have to let the ground dry a bit before I can do any more. So off to the other place I go. Not that there isn't enough to do here. Two places is stretching my brain wa...y too much and my energy just isn't matching the task. Adrenals not happy today. Can't wait until it is just here, not here and there. How ever do the rich do it? I know they have hired help but you have to manage the hired help at multiple locations. I guess I was never meant to be rich.

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