Friday, June 27, 2014

Bees All A Buzz

I wonder how my bees are doing? That is pathetic I know but it has been so cool that I haven't been inside the hive. I need to completely take it apart and rearrange it. It was thrown together in an experimental way that I can see isn't working. Yet with the cool temperatures I'll harm the hive if I do that. I had hope to do it today but of course it is in the fifties. Yesterday I might have been able to but we had too hurry and slip over to the other house and work on it. On the way home it was pouring rain. There I guess there was a tornado sighted, heavy rain, and some hail - not nice. Here we experience rain also. Yes, we have had a few warm days, very few, but they have been used for other more pressing matters. The weather can indeed be rather wild where we once lived. It can be wild here but it is a different wild so I'll take that for a change.
 I know the queen is laying brood because I'm seeing more and more Carolinians instead of Italian bees. The bee in the center I can't remember if it is a Carolinian or a bumble bee. I took so many photos to get a few I liked. Carolinians indeed are dark, fuzzy haired bee. The dark being slick and the yellow fuzzy. 
This is an Italian bee for comparison. I know, I know, this rose bush is mighty yellow and needs help. I'm not doctoring it though because I'm going to cut it out. It of course like most of the other bushes is growing up tight against the house. The new up shoots from it I'll transplant elsewhere when I have time. I did find out some information about our soil when I went to the farmer's co-op. It was as I thought. I picked up some fertilizer for the fruit trees to give them a boost and then hopefully a little later I can get some manure around them. Right now I need to fill buckets for the garden. When the sun shines that is as last night and today we have had quite a bit of rain. Not complaining though even with the lawn in desperate need of mowing and other outdoor chores needing done. I'm tired and my adrenals could use a slow day. That is what I'm going to do, slow way down. I'll just putter inside instead. I've got the last of the project bag order to complete before four more bolts of fabric arrive next weekend and I begin sewing a order more than double any I've done before.

I picked lots of strawberries this morning before the rain and Kirk really wants another double batch of strawberry/rhubarb jam, heavy on the rhubarb. We have discovered it is heavenly on ice cream. He likes chocolate and I vanilla. That will use up the last of the rhubarb until it grows once more.

We'll talk soil later and also what the range management professional had to say. He is coming today to walk our field and give me some advice. Rain, rain, go away, until at least he is gone.

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