Saturday, June 14, 2014

Friday The Thirteeth Babies

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. I've never believed in Friday the 13th and all the superstition about it being a bad day. In fact, I've had a very good Friday. I went off to work on the other house and came home to two little surprises. These little ones were born on a very special day. It won't come around again until 2049. We had a full moon, a strawberry moon, a honeymoon they say. I emphasize they say for I couldn't see a thing with the clouds covering my view.  How shall I work that into their names? I would have enjoyed seeing the hint of pink in the moon's color but alas, once again it wasn't to be. It seems every time a spectacular meteor shower is to occur we have clouds, when there is to be an eclipse, we have clouds. What is it about celestial things that don't want me to see them?

 A strawberry moon reminds me we need to talk strawberries one of these days. As I suspect mine have a problem. It stemmed from ignorance as most problems do but we'll talk of that later. This strawberry moon is often called a honeymoon as this is the start of the honeymoon season for couples in love and strawberry for its color and it is strawberry season. This special moon is the closest to the earth of all the others and therefore it was huge or so the Internet said. I kept my curtains open in my bedroom just in case the clouds went away and when I woke up in the night to turn over I would see it shining down on me. Nope!!!

Oh well, I did get two adorable and healthy little ones and that is better than seeing a strawberry moon for they will bring delight day after day. Abigail here is a year old, quite small compared to my other does at this age, but she is plenty stout enough and had these cuties all by herself. Wish I'd of had my calendar I threw away by mistake when we moved, then I would have known to stay home. Good thing I wasn't needed. Abigail's tail head was loose but then it has been loose for two weeks and she had an enlarged udder but not tight. The babies have also been dropped for two weeks. No real definite signs that she was to go yesterday. I'm not disappointed. She is doing well with them and kidding all on her own is a big plus for me. I'm hoping her udder will now greatly increase in size because it is pretty little.

Abigail, or Abbey as we call her, had a doe and a buck. Look at those huge ears, a trademark of her momma and her momma, and her momma and so forth.

Daisy should have gone first as she was in estrous when the buck, Rebel, arrived. Abigail bred a few days later. Apparently Daisy was going out and didn't take for her udder is still quite small and her tail head very tight. I'm guessing at about three weeks from now she will kid. As for Meagan, no signs of babies at all. That really has me upset. She is our big time milker. She was in with the buck for five weeks -- so what is her problem? She is CAE and CL free. No, she wasn't in as good a condition as she is now. I've really had to worm her and feed her up. But for me not in good condition is wonderful for most others. My vet and feed store owner friends say I'm one of the pickiest people they know. That is probably why I'm horrified at the condition of so many goats I see on blogs. Backbones and hip bones sticking out, long scraggly hair, and an all over unkept appearance. My goats presently aren't the kind to be fat, though I've had easy keepers, but my goat's bones are well covered, their coats slick and shiny, and they are playful depicting that they feel good. I love my goats!

Kirk and I took a stroll through the grocery store for a few items to eat while we were away at the other house and the prices of dairy products is becoming shocking. Kirk took one look at the price labels and said, we are making that, and that, and that and that etc. Which really means I'M making that and that and I would but with what? Daisy had better really come through for us because it is on her shoulder this year unless I figure something else out. She did feed triplets last year as a yearling. Pretty impressive. She looks like she is only carrying a single this time, rather odd for our goats. The girls didn't get the care and fussing over this year until lately as things were a bit wild. That is why I simply put a buck in the pen instead of hand breeding. The results definitely haven't been as successful. I just guessed since he was mature that he would get the job done. I maybe should ask his age? Then again maybe it was my fault. Feeding triplets and not being cared for as usual might be what led to what looks like Daisy carrying a single. Yes, it probably in part my fault. But not getting Meagan pregnant is just weird. She is only three and has had twins and then triplets.

I'm not expecting much milk out of Abigail. That is a lot of pressure on Daisy. As for Meagan what do I do? I've not tried breeding in the summer. We always had Saanens up until a few years ago. They don't breed except in the fall and early winter. Any suggestions Nubian breeders? I need milk. I suppose here I could set up to have winter babies. Not that I need more to do but it would be nice to have milk all year round.

I may have to go and look for another doe. Kind of late to be looking especially for one that is CAE and CL free with good bloodlines. Hmmm oh what oh what shall I do?

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