Thursday, June 12, 2014


This is two of the four magpie offspring that just a couple days ago left the nest. Note the short tails which shows these are youngsters. These wobbly younguns don't know enough to be afraid of humans and so we have delighted in watching them up close the last few days. They are a noisy bunch and I will be glad when they move off to new territory and leave me in peace. The meadow larks can sing all they want but these guys squawk.
 This is mom flying across the yard. Her long tail streaming behind her. She is a bossy woman who lights down just a foot and a half from the cat and gives him a regular scolding whenever he would come near her pine tree which held the nest full of babies.
She has her hands full feeding four mouths and she spends her days flitting about grabbing insects and stuffing them down the throats of her demanding, screaming offspring. In this photo you can see her above and one of the youngsters below. I'm surprised the barn swallows that inhabit this birdhouse didn't throw a hissy fit because they were too close.

Magpies are members of the crow family and not my favorite bird. Give me the meadow lark and their melodious singing any day over these guys.

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