Saturday, June 7, 2014

This And That


The computer refuses to remove the bold type. Every time I try and move this paragraph, it shoves it in my face in large bold type. Oh how I wish the computer would quit trying to think for me. Ignore this. I'm not trying to emphasize this paragraph.

This Recluse spider bite is whipping my behind. I'm doing better but still having issues. My nurse friend said because it bit me in the fatty area, I could have trouble for a long time.   As in whenever I loose of gain weight some of the toxins can be release from my fat. I'm definitely going to use my Hot House dry sauna when it is safe to do so. Right now there is too much toxin in my system already. The bite lesion has increased a little in size from narcosis but not much. I think the dying has died. My friend was quite alarmed because she said if the blistered area is just over the size of a silver dollar then the underneath damage in the tissue is many times that. No wonder I feel so good, NOT!! This whole thing has my hormones in a whirl and I'm depressed, along with body aches, and major kidney pain. I'm slowly getting better but it has been a struggle.


One night when I was in major back pain and couldn't sleep I made strawberry-rhubarb jam. Maybe not the typical reaction to pain but I find if I can divert my attention on to something else, I don't notice the pain quite so bad. Of course I forgot the sugar and started ladling the mixture into the jars and luckily I noticed how light colored the mixture appeared. Pain clogs the memory cogs but at least I remembered. It didn't hurt the jam any and I ended up accomplishing something despite feeling really lousy. By then I was so... exhausted I slept despite the pain. As for the next day mowing the lawn at the other house, well, I had to mow, lay down, mow, lay down. It still got done along with reading a book. I needed to get some house cleaning done also but something is better than nothing.

The other big project this week has been going through my bottled foods. Next week it is suppose to be much warmer and not so much rain so I figure inside this week, outside work next week. I've got to get the garden in but not so fun to do in the mud. Hubby will be happy because I cleared a big area of the garage. Half the jars were on the floor there and half in the storage room. The food storage room needs a real over haul. I'm going to have to build shelves this fall. I can't figure out what the previous owners were doing. Most of the shelves are missing and only light things could be put on this unsubstantial framework. The previous owner canned, not as much as I, but put their food on shelves in the garage. They didn't have a knife shop there though so things have to change.

You and I know how much a shelf full of canning jars weighs ---- a lot. I want sturdy two by four wood ones and if they will get done it will have to be me that does it. I definitely don't have time now as I have to get the rest of the garden in and the fence built, and the house painted, and, and .... How do you eat an elephant -- a bite at a time.  First bite - put some of the older foods in the compost pile in the garden and the other foods I'll feed to the chickens a little at a time. Then I'll start measuring and thinking about my shelving and just what will work best to hold not only bottles but the extra toilet paper, plastic bags, etc. that I stock up on. With the hail storm we had last August that ruined the garden it meant I kept home canned foods I normally would have already fed to the chickens or a pig if I had one. So for the next week I'll slowly get this done one dishwasher load of jars at a time. If only I could figure out our water softener then these scaly whites on the jars would disappear.

I decided on some paint for the house after leaving a paper swatch on the deck and the floor of the kitchen for a week to see how it appeared at different times of the day and in different weather. I'm really liking the color. I thought it might be a bit light but it looks darker than the swatch. It really warms the place up and matches so much nicer with the gray decking.
We won't be the white house on the hill that sticks out against the landscape anymore. Nothing wrong with white but there is so.... much of it with a white barn, a white garden shed, a white house that is white on the outside and inside making it rather over done. It doesn't look crisp, it just looks washed out. We'd rather be more unnoticeable from a distance and blend in with the neighboring mountains.

 Not crazy about the outside lights but there are lots of them so that isn't changing but the thing that really bugs me is the front door. There is such a big window in the door and side windows too. Your visitors have a full view of the inside of the house before they even step in. Somehow I feel invaded upon even though most visitors will likely be family coming. I've got ideas for that problem and I'll touch base with you later about my ideas. The front door of your home should be a focal point of the house and I've been thinking long and hard about how do that and create a little more privacy. After all we didn't pick the end of the lane, twenty some miles from town to be in the middle of things.

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