Monday, June 2, 2014

A Black Widow, A Hobo, And A Recluse Spider Have All Taken A Bite Of Me.

Three bite series is now complete. Ye...s, I've been bit again. I brushed my symptoms off onto having a detox weekend because of the bad back pain and body aches. The large red blister --I didn't know - something. I have so much to do that I just pushed aside my symptoms as much as possible. That is until I got the "MO.... m!". You know the one. Your title is said with complete disgust and the word Mom is done in a roller coaster fashion starting out high and ending low. Yeah, I got that one last night when I was describing my blister to our oldest daughter and said I really hadn't been feeling well. I can come up with a cazillion reasons for feeling kind of puny at any given time. I just try not to let it disturb my life too much. But lately, I've been dropping like a lead balloon about noon. The mornings I just carry it around. I putter slowly about the house, and I mean slowly, after lunch until my second adrenaline pill kicks in three hours later after taking it. It usually only takes one hour. Then I can get up enough humph to do a few more things outside  slowly.

When I described in detail my sore on my belly and my symptoms, our daughter must of grown suspicious because she hit the Internet while we were talking. Sure enough I must have been bit by a Recluse Spider. I fit the pictures and most of the symptoms to a tee, except the extreme pain. This hasn't been like the two Black Widow bites that took some doctor prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers I happened to have in the medicine cabinet. That was the worst. The Hobo spider bite a few years ago was the pits with the nausea and headaches that lasted for two months along with the continuous small blisters that kept breaking out on my jaw line. They wept and wept fluid. A heavy duty antibiotic took care of the problem as I couldn't take another month of it and broke down and went to the doctor.

This one is like the Hobo bite but different. There is no headache with this one and not the pain but itching is there. Really tired and my body sure does ache. The sore I guess is bad enough according to the Internet that next it will turn black and have some narcosis. This one doesn't weep. I didn't get the pain level I'm suppose to get but neither did I with the Hobo Spider bite. Since it bit my fat belly I wonder if Recluse Spider bites are like Hobo Spider bites and if bit in a fatty tissue area, and believe me it found a prime spot, then I could have a wound issue for 2 to 3 years. Just as long as the flu like symptoms leave, I'm happy. I've always got wounds.

 As a tad bit of information, Hobo Spiders do not inject venom 50% of the time unless it is me that is. Most Recluse Spider bites go unnoticed because they are often no more symptoms or swelling than a mild mosquito bite. I of course am experiencing things on a scientific level just for you that you might experience it vicariously. Not voluntarily I might add.

As I thought about the bite, I remembered I'd once tested borderline for having Lyme Disease. My numbers were elevated but not in the absolute positive range. I probably have that too. What is it about me? Mosquitos leave me alone. They love my husband but spiders leave him alone. He at least has the option of insect repellent. I've never heard of spider repellent. Oh well, life goes on and with it knowledge and wisdom. Hopefully, I won't have to repeat the series of poisonous spider bites because once is definitely enough.

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