Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!!

One of the flowers I've learned this year is the Sego Lily. How pretty they are blooming in our fields. It is Utah's state flower. "The Shoshonean Indian word for the plant was Sego, meaning “edible bulb”. The Shoshonean Indians taught the Mormon pioneers how to eat the bulb which helped them survive the years 1848-1849. I guess the plant without the blossom looks similar to Death Camas. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that one is poisonous. I guess this county has some of those bad boy too. I'm just glad that our fields do not presently.
 The cool thing about this beautiful flower is it starts out as three tubes and when they open up it forms the single flower.
The inside is lovely with its painted trim.

Happy Fourth of July! Yes it is almost over but we have been gone and just got back later this evening. Kirk's father was rushed to a larger hospital a couple hours away on Wednesday. All of a sudden several serious problems arose all at once. A couple organs are having fits, one needs removed, and he almost lost one of his legs from the hip down to a blood clot and clogged arteries. Things are still unsettled but his dad is doing much better. Two of his brothers are still with him and so we left to prepare for our family party tomorrow. We are to have fifteen of us gathered. It is getting more and more difficult to accomplish. There are six different schedules to coordinate. Five of the six workers have rotating shifts from days to nights and back again with each working different days of the week. So we will celebrate life. Kirk's dad's life that has been spared so far but he is hardly out of the woods yet and the joy of being a family. Kirk's dad is 88.

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