Monday, July 7, 2014

It Works!

Have always wanted to try using burlap to start my carrots but just never got around to it. I did it. Rather late I know but it has been tough getting things done with such a work load. They sprouted much better. It has been a few years since I've had carrots come up. Life has gotten in the way and my crop has failed in infancy every time because the seeds dry out. This year I'm not sure all those sprouts will make it. They looked so great and then a couple really hot days hit. The weather is so unpredictable. Today was suppose to be in the upper 70's F. but here were are cloudy skies and 60's. I hate the heat as it wilts this gal into a puddle of whimpering heat stroke but tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, and the like won't grow well in this cool weather. Brussels sprouts, lettuce, and beans so far look good. Could mean I need to change my strategy. I just might need to go greenhouse in a bigger way than planned. Then again maybe this is a cooler than normal year, I don't know, I'm new to this hill. I'm not really complaining. I'm seeing the temperatures at our other house and they are often ten degrees hotter. My daughter says she is burning up and miserable.

I was in Billings, MT the other day and remembered why I disliked that town so much. Two in the morning and it was still warm, warm. I'd never make a southern belle. Oh how I love my cool nights. Open a window allowing a cool breeze to blow across me as I lay falling to sleep and I purr like a kitten. Yes dear husband, I purr, you snore. It is kind of like the men sweat and women glow thing. Remember the grandkids will sleep with me but not you. I'll take our cool weather and work with it. I can't do anything about heat that lays me out flat.

My problem this year has come in that the carrots became too tall to remain under the burlap that kept them wet and it was too hot under there to keep it on too with a couple hot days. I did water them twice a day but they just don't look so good. Sorry no picture of them laying over with heat exhaustion. Not sure how I'm going to get it right but I will. One thing is to start them earlier.

My burlap bags are heavy. They are old sheep, wool bags. Don't know what they use now to keep wool in but at one time it was burlap and it was a good way to get a large amount of the heavy weight fabric at a good price.

 I just discovered today that we have a fairly tall crawl space underneath the house. I was so.... hoping we did so I could stash potatoes, carrots, broccoli plants, brussel sprout plants, onions, and cabbages in rubber maids under there. Oh yeah, pumpkins too. How can I forget those? Looks like the cellar project can wait. Good thing because we wouldn't get to it for years anyway. It will be a good place to go in case of tornado also. Not that tornados are common this close to the foot of the mountain, unlike in the area we lived before. We also have a draw on each side of the place we can go if need be. Always best to have a plan.

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