Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pink Corn

When I spied this in my Bountiful Basket selection a couple months ago I thought 'Oh yeah!, a sweet corn that is vibrant in color. It must be higher in nutrients also.'
Yes, it did have higher anti-oxidant properties and the like according to the Internet and I was pumped with plans to try growing me own. There is a hybrid and a heirloom variety to choose from and I would of course chosen heirloom but when I cooked up this lovely pink corn it looked like this. Pretty unappetizing next to the zucchini isn't it? Just a grayish mass. Taste we....ll, nothing special and not especially sweet either. Granted it had been traveling in a semi-truck and not picked fresh from the garden but still, nothing special. So this is one corn I can cross off my lists to try and grow. I'm not freezing bags and bags of gray matter for the winter. It isn't that anti-oxidant or higher in nutrients. It is a pretty addition in green salad but I'm not growing this for green salad only.

Corn is an area I'm still struggling with. I wanted to get some popcorn in the ground this year and Painted Mountain corn but alas, I just couldn't get all the ground worked up I needed to so some of the garden is fallow this year. As for the cross-pollination problem of growing more than one kind of corn at a time, I've got some new ideas to try on the subject. We'll talk about that later. I've got company arriving today once more so I've got to get ready.

As for the corn I did get put in the ground, it is called Alaska. We shall see. Some of Alaska has a better growing season than we do so I'm now questioning if I made a good choice. It will definitely be a good year to test cold tolerance as we have been cool so far. I'm hoping for a short stalked corn with big ears. Is that too much to ask for? I figure if the energy goes into the ears and not into the stalks maybe the corn will have time to mature and will do better in these foothills of the mountains. Warm weather is promised for the end of the week so we shall see if it will give my corn a good boost in growth. It sure needs it. The knee high by the fourth of July rule that so many people tout seldom happens in my world.

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