Monday, August 4, 2014

Donkey Face

 Had a tough last week? Me too! To tried to keep my spirits up, I photographed part of it. Call it a morbid sense of humor or a strong developed coping mechanism -- you take your pick but I was sporting the donkey look most of the week and I did look funny.

The cause? A menopausal honey bee that flying out of the hive soundrd angrier than a ticked off Tasmanian Devil, or what I'd imagine they sound like, and headed right for me. The me that was casually walking by the hive on the way to dump a load of old hay out of the wheel barrow I was lugging. How do I know she was menopausal. I don't. Maybe she was just chewed out by the queen for a sloppy job or had a fight with another bee. I don't know but she definitely was out for revenge when she spotted me. I was the nearest target. The kamikaze bee, attacked., but not before she had pumped as much venom in as she could while I set down the wheel barrow and reached up on top my head to pinch her between my finger tips and scrape her stinger out. A bee's stinger rips from her behind when she stings, leaving a gaping hole and she naturally dies. If you can get her before she has pumped all she has in her tank, you can reduce the effect as there is less venom to deal with. Is it called venom? It was venom in my case anyway.
 This was about nine in the morning. By two in the afternoon my forehead had begun to swell. See the nice little hump? Then by six at night my eyes had started to swell and the bridge of my nose widened enhancing my donkey look. I took a prescription allergy pill.
By ten I had a hard time seeing out of my eyes. I did not have any Benadryl in the cupboard. I only thought I did or I would have asked hubby to pick some up on his way home. I told my husband when he awoke in the morning to wake me up and make sure my eyes weren't swollen completely shut. I could see pretty well but upon rising the water level rushed back in but not as bad as the night before. Time wise that meant my human alarm clock came in at four a.m. By 9:00 a.m. the swelling had come down a little and with a bit clearer vision I went to town to buy Benadryl before church started. I try not to patronize businesses on Sunday so that workers have the choice to attend the church of their choosing also. Because not many others share my beliefs many establishments stay open including my husband's job. The Biblical teaching is not alive and well. Emergency personnel working in hospitals and police departments are excluded of course. They are a part of the 'ox in the mire' scenario.  That Sunday my 'ox was in the mire' as we L.D.S. like to say, (it means an emergency) and since I didn't put the ox there, the bee did, I felt justified in buying Benadryl and Benadryl only. I had taken the last of my prescription allergy pills and there were no refills. It will of course require a doctor's visit. They always do. My husband was amazed at how clearly he could see the water under the skin. I'm a walking science experiment.

The biggest laugh was how slow my body took to react. I have MAJOR hypo-metabolism.  But hey, I reacted that day and not the next. I've done that before too. It is why I'm so fluffy. That and the steroids I'm on for my Addison's disease. That evening when swollen up badly, I did dishes a few at a time. If I walked across the room after getting off of the couch, it meant a full degree drop in temperature. I tested it. I knew there couldn't be a huge draft in the kitchen. The living room and kitchen are one room. Sure enough my Addison's disease had taken a direct hit. I dared not do much more for fear of shutting my body's system down. The bee episode lasted four days.
 That was after this one a few days earlier. I reached up to comb my hair before bed and noticed a rather large lump on my arm. I have a really high pain tolerance. I practice ignoring pain on a daily basis. Anyway, I was grapping ahold of Daisy's collar to pull her back from going into the creep feed I'd set up so Lilly Pad, the sheep, could be separated from the goats at night (some of the goats are not nice to her in a confined space). Before I could close it off,  Daisy made a dash for it. She felt me take ahold of her collar and lunged forward. My hand lost its grip and flew backward colliding with Meagan's horn scurr. Ouch! but I had no time to whimper as goats were crowding the gate to be milked. Chickens needed closing up, etc. etc.

Not the best photo. Couldn't give you the full effect. It's pretty hard to photograph your arm yourself. My arms just aren't that long. Or should I say one arm isn't enough longer than the other to get the job done properly. For some reason my face was easier to photograph, hmm..... Kirk had already gone to bed and when I told him to reach up and feel my arm. He threw back the covers and came flying out of bed and turned on the light in alarm. Yeah, it was big.

The bruise is lovely with shades of purple, blue, yellow, and even a white area in the middle. It took a week to arrive as it is what you call a bone bruise. I've still got a pretty good lump on the bone. Up close the bruise is much prettier. It reaches from my wrist a good way down my arm.

Now this is the part where you say, "A....h, you poor girl!!! But wait, that wasn't all. I thought I had another packet of my hormone squares that I put under my tongue at night. It has five essential hormones to keep me somewhat balanced. I take more in tablet form. I didn't have any. I scoured my refrigerator, no luck, but the refrigerator looks the better for it. I had to wait five days before the pharmacy compounded the mixture and it arrived in the mail. Yes, I was a physical and emotional basket case.

BUT that wasn't all. I was suffering from a 'I'm not getting enough done and things just aren't going well' depression that my husband was also suffering from at the same time. Misery likes company.

I spent the week contemplating the book I'm reading titled 'Not My Will, But Thine' by Neil A. Maxwell which talks about not being set on what we want but doing what the Lord wants. Also I thought a great deal about the talk by Dallin H. Oaks that was titled, ' Good, Better, and Best'. It has been a time of depression, mild anger at not getting my way, and acceptance. The normal course emotions go through when we have to let go. My thoughts on the subject are for another blog. Today maybe you could be just a little sympathetic and understand that my silence was due to my hunkering down and surviving the last couple weeks as I readjusted my attitude and goals.

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