Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What Is Your Opinion?

First of all, the pine needle tea from a different pine tree was indeed green, interesting. Hubby's finger is still really swollen but no infection. I'm going to have to look up how to lower the swelling but things have gotten really crazy. I'm really having a hard time blogging this summer. I promise I have been shooting photos and have a long list of posts to finish or do but no time.

For instance right now I've four children sleeping in my room. Presently a slumber party without grandma. I'm determined to say at least something on here and then climb in with a bunch of wiggly bodies. Thankfully three are on the floor and only one in the bed.
 Has anyone come to the same conclusion as I? Regular onions are a whole heaping scoop bigger than scallions in the same amount of time. I haven't eaten the scallions except in a dish so I've yet to determine if flavor makes them worth growing. I know if you are just looking at time, fertilizer, and water then the regular onions are much more economical.
 But first I need to give these scallions a taste test not in a dish where the flavor was masked a bit.
As for cucumbers the pickling ones are hands down superior in flavor. My mother-in-law said the same thing. I'm definitely putting more pickling in than slicers even though you get more cucumber volume wise on the slicers. If you re wondering why it has taken me this long to figure this out, it is because I couldn't get cucumbers to grow in my garden t the old house. I finally gave up.
The small bush style plant on these has me wondering if I shouldn't try growing them in the house this winter if I could ever get around to doing that project.
Does anyone else have the same opining? What do you think about onions versus scallions?
As for the Egyptian onions or walking onions as they are also called, I'm so far sold. I think everyone of the bulbs sprouted despite some being up rooted by the chickens a time or two. So far they have me sold. I'll try and get a word or two more in soon but my eyes just won't stay open tonight so nighty night.

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