Sunday, September 21, 2014

From Ball Bearing to Knife Bar

 This was a gift. Yes, you never know what our friends will send. This is a ball bearing from a wind turbine. What does Kirk do with ball bearings? Well, certain ball bearings that is. Ones of a appropriate combination of metals. He puts the ball bearing in a forge until it turns a specific color of fiery red.
 Then he takes it out. This photo is with a flash on the camera.
This one without and in it you can see the color better.
Then he puts the ball in the hydraulic press and presses. When the metal begins to cool he places it back into the forge.
Back and forth it goes until the ball is stretched out into a bar of appropriate thickness.
This is a picture of the before and the after. From here a knife blade is ground out. Most of Kirk's ball bearings are used ones from the coal mine that would normally thrown out. The metal from these ball bearings is 52100. As for the wind turbines ball bearings we are not sure what they are made of and so I do not know what Kirk will do with the pre-blade bar. Maybe make a knife for the gift bearer. Not sure what the plans are. I just thought you might enjoy a view of the process.

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