Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lint Fire Starter

 Don't know about you but we get lots of lint from our dryer. They say it makes a great fire starter.
 You stuff toilet paper rolls with it.
And the place them in the stove or campfire and light. I tried this at the other house for a while and found that if your humidity is high, you had better store these in a container that keeps the moisture out. We live in a dry arid environment so humidity is seldom an issue. Trash is an issue here as we are the garbage people by choice. So recycling and lowering trash is a big deal. The less we haul the less it costs us.

We are starting to light the stove on occasion to take the chill out of the house as the temperatures are much cooler. We are going to have 50's and 60's this week instead of 70's,80's, and 90's. The joke in Wyoming has always been, don't like the weather, wait a minute it will change. I think this toilet paper roll starter might just be one more small way I can lower our amount of garbage and recycle at the same time.

Yes, I still use them as cord holders for my hair appliances and such but I use the same one for a very long time so that doesn't help much.

That means I had better paint today and everyday if I plan on getting this house done before it is too cold.

Oops, forgot to mention that all our clothes are cotton or wool. Don't know about lint from synthetic fibers. Do you get lint from synthetic fibers? I wouldn't believe that they would burn well. Probably just melt.

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