Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Close

After careful thought and visiting with our oldest daughter, who gave me a huge push into blogging in the first place, and my husband, it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to say goodbye to Easy Living the Hard Way. The bottom line is that eighty percent of the goals I set up five years ago when I began blogging have not been met. The type of blog I write requires a minimum of 10 - 15 hours a week. Too many of our needs have gone to the back burner as I write. This new place requires much more of our time especially now as we work to set things up.

I don't regret writing this blog, I've learned a great deal and met wonderful people around the world.

One of my goals to write this blog was to improve my writing skills. It did for a time but now I'm regressing as I rush to simply get it done.

I had hoped the blog would morph into a book but alas, I lack the time to write a book or articles for magazines. I use to do a few articles.

The goal to push myself into trying new things on a continual basis was successful but now I have the self-discipline to continue without the push.

Sadly the information I spent so many hours acquiring is mostly on this blog and not in notebooks where I can quickly use them as a resource for improving our lives. Part of those 10 to 15 extra hours a week will go into doing just that, compiling research and taking notes on what I have learned. That applies especially to the garden where I'm going to pick up where I left off on my garden journal two years ago. I had barely gotten started. It will include for each vegetable the PH, soil planting temperatures, freezing temperatures, planting instructions, water requirements, nutrient needs, planting companions, types of seeds most successful, when I started them indoors, etc. etc. etc.

I'm even going to include how I used the vegetables after it was harvested. Take the cabbage for example. I've cut the cabbage off the plant, put slices in the stem which created four new cabbages, then cooked with the cabbage, and used the wild yeast from it to create sourdough.  I'll include my storing experiments that include cold storage, canning, freezing, or drying. There will be even a section for each as to what animals love them. The goats happen to love cabbage. The chickens are not so thrilled. Maybe they like it cooked better, we shall see. You get the idea, extremely extensive.

My original plan was to write an informative blog that inspired people to try new things and share information. That has been an almost complete failure. Some of that is probably my fault. But none the less it is a fact. I have become more of a source of entertainment than motivational inspiration. I've instead decided to try formulating a newsletter. The newsletter would be a participatory group of people who would each take turns and write about what they had learned with livestock, the garden, the kitchen, etc. throughout the month. Others in the group could chime in with encouragement, ideas, and helpful hints. Basically it would be a support group. The emphasis here would be participation by all. If you are interested in being a part of the group please contact me at

After careful consideration, I say goodbye. This decision is not easy. Writing the blog has been become a bit of an addiction. I could spend hours doing it and I have. Yet, I've never had the time to do with it like I've wanted. An article or book manuscript I can write and rewrite adding as I learn until I feel satisfied. I'll be able to recapture the creative descriptions I was once told in my writing group, the one I don't have time for anymore, that I was rather good at.

I've gained some wonderful friends through this blog so lets stay in touch. There is always e-mail.

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