Thursday, October 1, 2015

Catching Up

I'm missed, well Lisa missed me and asked if I had reached my goals and what I was up to. My goals went out the window for the most part as family troubles crowded in consuming our time more than ever before. Poor Kirk only gets the chance to wistfully looks at his knife making equipment as he passes by on another rescue mission, though we could badly use the additional income. The ride has been interesting though. We have found out first hand what hoarding for 28 years will do. It equals a near loss of life, a stay in the ICU, permanent and significant damage to your health, and a large clean up bill to sanitize your home after close relatives have mucked it out. Not this relative though since the dirt in the 17 year old carpet in the home we moved into sent me to the hospital for a stay. Imagine what an entire house piled six foot deep with debris would have done? No, I dealt with a host of other family emergencies and continue to do so.

Though I hear there is a show about hoarders, believe me it is not entertaining. It is just more evidence of what a self-centered world we have become. As I reflect upon all the problems around us, I find the root to nearly all the them is self-centeredness. People fill their days with wants and dreams crowding out reality to the point they can no longer face it and turn to destructive behaviors. The Greatest Generation became great because they were the result of years of sacrificing wants for needs, facing a harsh reality that life isn't fair and being grateful for basics like food on the table, clothes on your backs, a roof over your heads, and a 7 day a week job with Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter off that provided those NECESITIES is happiness and what Kirk's grandpa had. I am not advocating for a 7 day work week, we would have no time to rescue our relatives but I am saying that gratitude is what makes one happy, not wants, for of them there is a never ending list. The Greatest Generation were the result of the hardy CAN DO generation that survived the Great Depression. Now we have the I Deserve Because I Exist generation. Spoilt, caught up in wishful dreams crowding out reality. My father use to counsel me, "We don't deserve a job that we LOVE, jobs are for EARNING a living. Hobbies are meant for pleasure. If you have a job that you love like I have loved ranching, feel extremely grateful." Dad wasn't always a manager of a ranch, for years he just made a living.

To add a another tid bit to your reality check. Kirk works in the coal industry. The one that supplies nearly 40% of our electricity. Obama is trying to force coal out of business and has many believing it can be replaced with green energy. I want to know what the kick back is for him because the reality is far from the hog wash he's pushing to the public.

The wind industry that after 40 years and $120 billion of taxpayers funded subsidies contributes 4.1% of US electricity and solar 0.4% of which only half is distributed. Last year the administration gave $11.3 billion of the taxpayers money to wind and solar energy. Meanwhile coal supplied nearly 40% of our electricity and over $1 billion in fees TO the federal government. Talk about reality faces fantasy. Further pushing reality aside is the fact that a two-megawatt windmill contains 260 tonnes of steel requiring 170 tonnes of coking coal and 300 tonnes of iron ore, all mined, transported and produced by hydrocarbons."

 "a windmill could spin until it falls apart and NEVER generate as much energy as was invested in building it." .... Thomas Homer -Dixon. Carbon Shift

The so called green energy DOES have a great impact on the environment. I know, I don't want to live next to one of those monstrosities.A nostalgic windmill that pumps water like the ones on the ranch, yes. The huge monsters, no. Gone would be the vast amount of wildlife that grace our property.

If you want to know what we have been up to, well in short hand it would be shoving fantasy in the hind end and inserting reality. I don't care what you want, this is what is. Face it! Make it better! Be grateful for what you have. There is nothing wrong with bettering your lot in life but don't expect it to be handed to you on a silver platter.

Thank you for listening to a frustrate woman's rants. Tomorrow's post will be about the menagerie that the Lord sent to help heal the trouble hearts of our four adorable grand daughters who have moved in to fill our days and crowd us out of bed at night.

Then now and then I will try and update you on the things I have learned through my experiments but don't expect the detailed posts of the past. I'm on too many rescue missions to find the time and postings will be sporadic. The long and short of it is my wants have to be put on hold because needs must first be fulfilled.

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