Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Updates and Eating Salad From My Indoor Garden

My tomato plant is taking off. This is one of the two I had from last winter. You might recall they were in pretty rough shape when I started to revive them. The plants struggled for the two months of November and December before the solstice when light was at a minimum. especially for us way up north. Now here is the plant today and it has really taken off. The  tomatoes that were only a small green dot inside the flowers are now filling out nicely. This tomato plant is in the window, not under grow lights.

This is one of the first cloning plants that I started. Pretty impressive growth rate compared to the seeds I started which are about 2 inches tall.

You will find me cloning every chance I get from now on instead of using seeds. That means I will be trying to bring in a pepper plant into the house along with a Siberia tomato just to try and keep them alive long enough to clone off of for the garden outside in 2017. They are two plants that could really use the jump start of root growth and size.
I was so impressed with the growth rate of the cloning project that I sacrificed the shaggiest tomato plant of the two I had from last winter to cut up into four more plants and started them. The cloned tomato plants and the ones started from seeds are under a grow light. I  am really impatient for red tomatoes. There is just no way of going back to store tomatoes when you can have garden fresh flavor in the winter too.
The peas are looking good and soon I will be able to snip a few of the leaves off for salad. I have never tried that before but this type of pea recommends giving it a try. Maybe you can do so with most peas for all I know. I see another experiment in the making, don't you? These are also not under a grow light but simply in the window.

For the second winter I am growing Tom Lettuce and loving it. We are so enjoying the fresh taste. This one is a winner because it is a cut and come again lettuce. That means I get three crops from it before it no longer produces. I have decided that most of my lettuces have to be cut and come again. They grow back so much faster the second and third time in comparison to starting from seed. With the very limited space in my sunroom it has to be used to its full fruition and a long waiting period does not accomplish that goal.
I just cut the Cardinale lettuce last night and though it is a bit slower than the Tom lettuce to grow, it looks like it might also be a cut and come again lettuce. I sure hope so. One thing I have learned from cutting the lettuce is to leave over an inch and better yet two of growth on the plant. DO NOT cut down to the nubbins. Plants are nourished from sunlight as well as from the soil.
The Argula and Spinach that I planted a couple weeks after the lettuces are growing nicely under the lights and had I not labels them well I would never have been able to tell the difference between them at this stage.

The garlic is growing nicely. The article I read about growing garlic indoors recommended trimming the green shoots down to four inches and then when they grow tall once more doing it again. at about four inches. The garlic is suppose to die back after this stage and the garlic cloves should be full. We shall see as a few plants had their first shoot cut and are growing out once more. The stems are quite garlicy tasting so they would be good to cook with. Since I had so few I just gave them to the rabbits with their wheat grass. That leads us to my next blog which should be up shortly on growing wheat grass for the rabbits.
Every couple weeks I get around to starting a few more plants for the sunroom. Next on the list is radishes. There are some that will produce in 18 days in ideal conditions in one of my recently arrived catalogues. That is just over 2 and a half weeks. That would be a great addition to my indoor garden. I may not get to a cucumber and eggplant this year but time will tell. So much to learn this body can not keep up with my brain.

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