Sunday, April 3, 2016

Good Thing We Live in the Country

Last week we had a delightful surprise.  You would have thought we had won a new car so excited were we. We're strange, I know but when I heard peeping coming from under the stairs in the barn, I dashed to the house and drag my husband out to see. It was bed time and I was tucking in the animals for the night while my work weary man was just crawling into bed.  In his coat, snow boots, and underwear he headed out to the barn to see. " It was dark after all and as our 7 year old grand daughter says when she is excusing her lack of clothes, "We live in a field.". A shirt and underwear being her favorite attire.

This wasn't the only time this week I had him out in his underwear either. Just a few night later, I had had a dream about coyotes coming into the yard and I woke worried about our hen with her helpless chicks. She was locked safely in the barn but emotions have no logic. I rolled on to my back and looked out at the picturesque view of the foothills of the Big Horn mountains. There was a hazy form trotting up out of the field. It went directly to the deck next to my bedroom's sliding glass doors. Guilt flooded my mind as the insane thought flashed through my mind. 'Had I summoned coyotes  with my dream?' I watched the blurry form moving along the deck sniffing, in search of a meal. I ran into my husband's room and bending near his slumbering form, whisper urgently into his ear, so as to not wake the sleeping grand children in the bedroom next door, "A coyote is in our yard!" He leaped to a sitting position, threw back the covers, and ran, snatching up a rifle on his way out the door.

In the just waking light, I hurried back to my room to feel for my prescription glasses on the dresser top and slip on shoes in order to join my husband outside. I met him in the garage, his white underwear blazing in the dim light. A smirk crossed his face. "Its a fox dear and he was just scouting around under the decks looking for one of the cotton tail rabbits that roams around the yard.

Embarrassed at not being able to tell a fox from a coyote in dim light, without my glasses on, I stuttered in defense, "Maybe he wasn't a coyote but I still don't like him brazenly sauntering up right next to the house to look for his next meal." My husband had to agree.

He assured me that he had not seen the fox near the coops and all was well. Sleep chased firmly from his mind, he went back in his room to dress.

Yesterday, he texted me from a welding competition he is judging asking about baby bunnies. "Nope, none yet."
Don't babies smell good?" he replied.
"I think human babies smell the best." I typed back. We are the strangest couple.

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