Tuesday, April 26, 2016

War on Coal

Five hours transplanting seedlings into larger pots, u…g! My garden is going to be ridiculously large this year.  We need the crops badly with our financial cut backs and increase in mouths to feed. Many of our family could use the boost too. Three of our family members work in a coal mine, an area that the present administration is attacking. Insane really since a large chunk of revenue goes to the national government. The one that is hurting for money. But what is more insane is that green energy is not green unless you are talking about the millions of dollars used to subsidies the process. Even with the large financial help, green energy is struggling. I see a large solar company in southern California is declaring bankruptcy.  Germany’s goal is to phase out green energy by 2019. Tasmania tried all green energy and now has diesel generated power plants. They have found out what anyone who has thought it through knows already.

 In Wyoming a large variety of energy is produced but no solar that I am aware of except on the personal level.  We do have quite a few wind turbines so we have observed what a joke they are. Wind power consumes more energy in the building stage and upkeep than it ever produces. Part of the minerals needed for electric cars and wind turbines comes from mining in China that creates major pollution. Destroy the environment there is okay because it is not here? I think not. In my personal label green it must include the following; the productions of the materials needed to build the item must not contribute greatly to pollution, the operation of the item must cause little damage to the environment, and the disposing of the item must not hurt the environment. In that area nuclear fails big time.  Finally it has to be economically sound. Wind power fails on all four accounts.

 “A study funded by the Alameda County Community Development Agency estimated that 10,000 birds – almost all that are protected by the migratory bird act – are being killed every year at the wind farm in Altamont Pass, Calif “ That is only one wind farm. If an oil spill killed as many birds, people would be protesting and screaming about it, hypocrite to say the least.

Maybe a few people were truly interested in energy that was more in harmony of the environment but the truth is that green energy is all about money.  With so many undisputed facts I have wondered who was profiting. There are those that create disasters in order to initiate laws that give more power over the people and there are those that profit financially. Looks to me like both are at work here. The people will scream pretty loud when the lights go out and our daughter said California is predicted to have 14 days of just such a thing this summer.

It is a common tactic used to divert the people’s attention away from the true motive. We know Obama is in the middle of this fake green energy push. The money behind it has come in part from George Sorros who started a green energy advocacy center in California.  The same man who pushed green energy so hard is spending millions buying up cheap coal stocks. Warren Buffet and Tom Steyer are in the same category.  You can’t tell me that these men all at once woke up and found out that green energy is not green or that it is not economically feasible. No, these men purposely drove Arch Coal and Peabody Coal along with other companies into bankruptcy so they could take control and profit. 
Did not read the article but the news headline said something about green energy was in default of 2.2billion just this year or maybe it was last year. Obama proposes lowering salaries of our military personal instead. Many of the families are already on food stamps that is really going to help besides slapping them in the face for their service and sacrifices.  

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