Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Little Ranting

With the world in a mess let's just say the motivation factor has gone up for self-sufficiency. Up on your foreign affairs news? My sister thinks I'm nuts. My other sister thinks I go a bit overboard. I say I know too much to turn back now.

 Winston Churchill said ---
"The further back you can look, the further forward you are likely to see."
 I am no historian though I think too many historians are short sighted worried about dates and facts instead of the trail events lead to. With what I know, and no it did not come from school but personal study through the years, I can see that some of our leaders know enough history to use it to manipulate the population to an end goal. They know how Hitler gained power. They know how others have taken over a country peacefully. Putin, and Enrique Pena Nieto have been doing just that just on different time tables and in different countries. Muslims are the next set and they have a really big arena they are trying to move into. Don't misconstrue my words for I believe in helping others but there must be a balance and caution. You can't give what you don't have. Plus one must watch for hidden agendas. Some have them.

America isn't looking much at all like the one the founding fathers  sacrificed so much for. Actually, Obama has done a good job of that in the last eight year, not that others haven't done their share but he is really zealous to have his way. Government moves slowly for a good reason. Good may come at a slower pace but many bad things are diverted as time to contemplate is given.

A large group of our population is pushing for a progressive movement yet they know not where they are progressing towards. It is not where they think. There is nothing that is new. Gay rights, Black Lives Matter, nope nothing new. Well, new names maybe. The basic strengths, weaknesses, and personalities of the human race has been around since the beginning of time.

If insanity is taking the same path and expecting a different destination, then we are indeed insane. Where our government is headed on its present course is a no-brainer.

Extremely high government debt. Not new and what comes next is not either. Our government will be going after our money big time. Been done the world over in the same situation and a whole lot lately in a countries efforts to stave off disaster. Your money becoming theirs. It has already been talked about. WWIII is probably just around the corner. America is more divided than before the Civil War. Doesn't bode well for us. The world is no better.

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."  Isaac Newton said. History is our giant. So why do we keep doing the same thing over and over again that gets us to the same place -insanity, ignorance, laziness or some of all three?  Maybe it is that people are too busy concerned with the here and the now and miss the direction they are headed which might lead to disaster in the future.  

American news media upsets me as it is one sided whether the right or the left and almost complete dark on what is happening in the world. We know little about how governments are rising and falling and there is a great deal of that right now. We know little about how the Muslim immigration is going elsewhere. What is happening is not just a lesson about Muslims but about any culture far different than the one they are transported to. People naturally seek to make their new environment more like home. The home they once knew. If the difference is great it tears their host country apart. Appeasing is not always a good thing. Sometimes we have to demand that people adapt or leave.

I like to read books on espionage. I learn so much about strategies of leaders. I learned about Putin's strategy for handling the invasion of Ukraine. It was a slow process of encouraging Russian citizens to immigrate and this gave him a position he would not otherwise have. The immigrants, unaware of their role, were a ploy in his hands. He probably made his move a bit too early in the game or he might have succeeded. I understand why Mexico wants lots of its citizens in America (the more illegals if at all possible)- money, and power are the answer. If Mexico waits long enough the illegals just might bring back California to Mexico or maybe much, much more without a single shot being fired or only a few shots. California is very willing to give equal rights to foreign as well as American born citizens. Why bother being a American citizen if you live there. Notice a lot of Mexican flags waving? It tells where their true allegiance lies.

A large number of Muslims of a far, far different culture will have far reaching changes for America. Obama has appointed a large number of Muslims into the government. They are sympathetic to the customs of the religion. Bring in mass numbers and soon they will be running the country. Oh wait, they pretty much are.

If this is not what we want we need to stand up and say NO!! We need to tell them to adapt or please leave because we love it here and they are guests until they acclimate. We want them to also be somewhere where they can be happy too. We ask that they just don't take our America away from us and turn it into the middle east which they escaped from. We don't just change the rules so others feel more at home.   

As for myself I do not want to live under Muslim rules. I am far too independent for that. I appreciate diversity. Too much diversity though and a nation is pulled apart. It is a fact that too much diversity leads to everyone becoming centrally focused on their own little group. And don't construe this as a color comment. I don't give a hoot what your skin color is. Okay, I do. I have often wanted to just stare at someone because I am fascinated by their skin, no particular tone just some is so rich in color and texture. I'm weird like that.

If you look at American history you will see that different cultures settled in different areas of the U.S. It was comforting since there was much in common. Much in common means that there is far less contention. So wake up America!! We should be coming together. We should be seeking our commonality, not our differences.

I'm just waiting for someone to say to me, my ancestors were treated horribly so I deserve something. Mine had an extermination order put out on them in Missouri. No one alive today carried out a single act of violence during that time period. None of my family alive today had a single thing done to them personally since they were not even born yet. Is some of my inheritance lost? Maybe, but it does not matter because my ancestors might just have done that all on their own. The simple truth is selfishness makes someone want things they have not earned. Somebody who wants something for nothing does not care what it does to others as long as they are better off themselves. So get over it. Live in the present. Conquering was a cruel way of life and it has not ended and it will not for some time to come. Start looking outward instead of in and we will have a start to making a better world. Each of us will begin to build a reputation that proceeds us for the good.

Quit your pity party special interest groups. Quit using labels like bi-racial, black, gay, Native American, or whatever to set yourselves apart. If we all want to be equal then we need to speak and act equal. If you want treated with respect then act respectful toward others. We will not agree on everything but let's quit separating ourselves and just be Americans----period. I admire those citizens of Japanese decent in American during WWII. Now they had something to bellyache about but they have just moved on.

Have I known prejudice. You bet! Kirk and I did not get in anyone's face about it though they did in ours. Yes, we felt the heat from many but over time it went away. We treated these people with respect and eventually they returned the respect and some became friends. Friends that admitted that as we quietly went about our business that they began to see they were wrong.

Gordon B. Hinkley said, "Stand for something or fall for anything." That is pretty much where we are at in American history, fall for anything as we worry about pleasing everyone. You can't. As a Christian we have a saying, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." For Christians it is common ground though we all may not agree on everything, there are basics we all can agree on. That gives stability.

It is about time America found common ground. Other countries are in chaos from too much diversity. We need to assert rules steeped in tradition. If you can not adapt then please find the door and discover a wonderful place where you can find common ground and live in peace. That or return home and rebuilt the nation you love.

 Our forefathers studied history long and hard to find the form of government that lasted the test of time. We have left the time honored path. Let's find the good traditions that have served us so well in the past like common curtsey which no longer is common.  If we don't know what's next? It has already begun. It has already been written about in the pages of time. It only needs to be given a label in time of once again. I will never be prepared but I can try and in doing so hopefully gain a measure of security.

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