Monday, July 25, 2016

Hesston Should Make It

He is going to make it. Hesston might look rough but his scours are stopped and he is eating poop. Yes, that is a good sign. For some reason all animals I know of, including rabbits, need to eat a little poop from a healthy animal to get the right kind of bacteria in the rumen. No more tubing food into his stomach. No more stressing out. No more buying expensive medicines. Oh the things I have learned about scours. I had one calf that I lost years ago. I think I might have saved him had I known what I have learned with Hesston. That is how it is with vets, doctors, and animal husbandry apprentices like me. There is no better teacher than experience.

You can see how sick he was. Notice the clump of hair missing. This is one of many and his tail is 3/4 bare. Loss of hair like this in large clumps usually means the animal had a high fever. Sheep loose large clumps of wool. Now to put weight on Hesston. He is not an aggressive calf which means it can take five minutes to encourage him to eat. After he gets sucking, he will empty the large bottle but getting him to start is tough.  

Eli here downs everything. She is a handful to try and keep from taking away Hesston's bottle even though she is getting more than him.  Next time I get a dairy for meat it won't be Holstein. It will be Normande or Brown Swiss or a cross. I am impressed with this little girl. She is quite stout and has grown fast, one of the traits of the breed.

This was written a few days ago and Hesston is back on medicine - day 3 of it. Scours a bit again but he is eating much more aggressively now and I would guess we just did not quite kick the bug out the door. He is brighter eyed and bucking and kicking around.

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