Thursday, August 18, 2016

Selling Our Nubians


We are going to make some fairly big changes around here. We have made a big decision. We are selling all our Nubians.
Lest you think we have lost our minds, wait.... We are going to go back to raising Saanens. We just have not been happy since we changed and find ourselves longing for the good old days. We raised them for twenty years. What we hoped to accomplish has not transpired. We wanted more cream and yes the Nubians do have a higher fat ratio but the milk production is far less. I'm not sure we won't get all the cream we need since the milk volume is so much greater. We need more milk with four grand daughters to feed and bums which become food. The girls are not happy on the far lower amount of milk on the table since the calves get almost all of it. And we are not happy since we are using far too much expensive milk replacer because of the lack of milk. Fewer calves would be smart but we need one beef and one milk cow for our plans for the future.
The personality of the Saanens is far more laid back and they are quiet. We have one kid Nubian that is driving us crazy. She will not shut up and has to go. Kirk keeps threatening to kill her but since she has not sold easily on the local facebook selling page, I am taking her to the livestock sales ring. Her quality is poor by our standards also. We got by great with just two to three Saanen does. Far better than we are now with three to four. That drops the cost and work load. 

 One of the biggies to buying Nubians was to have babies throughout the year so we could have milk more of the year. Not happened since we have not found the Nubian's breeding season is

any longer than our Saanens. Could have something to do with our weather. We do live where it is cold. We  have realized that we need a Swiss breed and Saanens are just that. Our tomatoes are Siberia, our milk cow will be Swiss, our beef is part Swiss, and our new goats will be Swiss. Notice a pattern?

Since at the moment we have no real strong attachments to any of our goats it is a good time to change. Because of the lack of funds and available goats we will hopefully make the changes beginning next spring. A doe and then the next year hopefully a buck and  another doe. I have visited with a friend whom we have bought from before and she has assured me she can fix us up.

We have been thinking long and hard about what we want. About what our benefits and limitations are because of where we live.  About what will best fit our needs especially now with the addition of four young children. For instance growing very much sweet corn is not going to happen. Just too cool. Tried the really short kind this year and we will get our first crop in three years.  Two ears per stalk and the energy is being put into the corn is my kind of win, win. Mind you that this is still not anything huge but at least it is some fresh corn. Just not worth the effort and space to try and grow enough corn to freeze for winter so we will not. I have found corn is not real friendly to my digestive system though I love the taste so another good reason to cut back. With some experimenting this last winter we found a frozen kind that the kids like and comes in 20 pound bulk packaging. The decision is that we just won't eat as much corn. Yes, change is on the way.

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