Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Love Peas!!


Got to love August despite the hot temperatures because the food is so...... good!!

People tell me that they do not grow peas because they take up so much space for so little produce.
My pea patch is a slight bit larger than my green bean patch and I do not get as many peas to freeze as I do green beans to can but the flavor is out of this world. How could we not grow peas? We gorge on them as they are a one month of a year treat. No trouble getting the girls to help shell peas as they eat and eat and eat. The other night our oldest grand daughter ate so many when we were picking that she was too full to eat supper. I use to ration my kids so I would have some to freeze for winter. I don't say that to the grand kids. I have a huge garden since we have more land and I now say eat up, August comes but once a year. Enjoy it!!  

Now you know what my days have consisted of. Feed children, feed stock, and put food away for winter. You can see the level of canning and freezing I'm doing. Now I have had to include get ready  for school. It starts next week and I have a pile of pants to hem. We are blessed with a number of hand me downs as our oldest daughter, their aunt, has purged her closets and helped out greatly with the older two grand kids. That gives me a few new pants and a lot of hand me down pants to hem.The younger three children have short legs. Not many new clothes but we are blessed to have grand kids who are grateful for the clothes they have and know that new ones will slowly trickle in as needed and finances allow.
It will take a lot of food to feed four children this winter. Our sweet grandkids just keep eating more and more. Every time they come home from either of their parents they say, "I missed the food!" It may have only been 24 hours but they dig into the home-made bread and such like it had been a month. What a job just keeping the livestock and them fed.

If it seems pretty quiet from the home front blog wise, know that I am buried under with work. I'm also not feeling well. Just have not recovered from the family reunion. The stress and work load after has been great and if my body gets run down it does not come back for a very long time. It is the adrenals that just won't recover nicely. Hence, I got the stomach flu the last few days and man did it settle in hard. Too sick to hardly get out of bed. Well, actually I did that frequently as the bathroom became my second home.

Had to milk of course as hubby's hands are hurting him. Thought I was quite a bit better today and a good thing since hubby was at work and I was in charge of the kids and stock. Wrong!! You know when you need to take your vitals when your oldest grand daughter comes up to you while you are doing dishes and says, "Grandma, your lips are really purple! Are you alright?" It caused me to slowed down and quit thinking of all I needed to do and realize,  "I really don't feel well!" I try to block out how I feel as it is usually really, really, tired. I just keep my head down and plunge  forward through all the work but once in a while I am pulled up short. 
I don't have an oxygen meter but a glance at my dismal blood pressure and temperature and I knew I had to get back into bed for the afternoon.

Would have liked to do meal planning but knew it was flat out or I could land myself in the hospital. Read the oldest grand daughter's book she had gotten from the library. The grand kids love it when I read the books they read just like my kids did. It helps me to know them better and they feel more connected to me as we discuss the book. Besides this one was a really good book and I thoroughly enjoyed my down time.

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