Saturday, September 17, 2016

White Beets, Yum!

I know, I know silence is not golden but I have really been busy, putting away food for the winter and taking care of kids. The four year old told Papa tonight, "It's like we were your kids." That is pretty much it when Mamma has to take on two jobs to make ends meet. In my quest to lower our expenses, I have used a 24 pack of 12 lids per box, small mouth canning lids. Not sure how many of the large mouth lids but a bunch. I figure I will have filled over 400 jars by the time I'm done canning in November. I do pumpkins, can a few dried beans, and meat that month.

Besides canning I'm drying and freezing also. Yet when I count up the amount of food sitting in the freezer and jars it is not enough. Think about it, 52 weeks in a year, which is 365 days, three meals a day. That is a LOT of food. How did the pioneers ever do it? A girl can, can only so much. This is where the future green house will come in and we are making plans to build a cellar. The green house probably won't be built next year but I would like the cellar at least part way done. That should lower some of the canning labor. The longer I can store food in its whole state the less I have to can, freeze, or dry later because much of it will have already been eaten up. Also this spreads out the labor over a longer period of time. Canning is so much more pleasant when it is cold outside and the heat generated is a welcome warmth.

The picture up above may have you puzzled. They are both beets. Yes, there is a white beet. I was motivated to give it a try when the seed catalogue said that lots of people who do not like red beets like the white ones. They are milder and sweeter. They are right. All our red beet hating grand kids really do like the white ones. They just look pale and sickly in the jar all by themselves so I mixed the two, the red and the white. It is really quite pretty. None of the beets have done well the last few years in the garden though so it is time for some research and changing of the soil in their future bed. Beets aren't just for Kirk and I anymore.

I have learned a great deal this year from the garden. Some successes and some, "What was I thinking?" moments. The white beet experiment was definitely a repeater. Now to figure out what I need to do with the soil because beets just are not in love with ours, 24 pints and a couple meals eaten fresh is all we got.

When that is figured out I just might try making sugar out of the white beets. They say you can make a syrup. No, this are not sugar beets.

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