Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sad News!

Sad news, our sweet Whitey died yesterday. He was the sweetest rabbit. He would crawl half out of his cage to get to you so you could pet him. We have had him a few years and our daughter a few years before that. His exact age, we have no idea.

He had been walking funny for the past week. His back end did not pick up as high as usual when he hopped. He ate and drank well but seemed to lay stretched out more than usual. I had a feeling all was not well but not sure what was wrong. He did not seem in pain and rubbing his back end caused no discomfort. I hoped it would work itself out.

Trouble always comes in multiples and we had trouble with one of our dairy goats too. She hobbled but not the injured kind of hobble. It was more like founder but she was not foundered. We were without alfalfa hay for a month and it messed up all the goats digestion systems. Their milk production went way down. I gave Belle probiotic to get her stomach going well and then a few days later gave her free choice baking soda. Not perfect but she is much, much better. She should be fine in another couple weeks.

Fine with Whitey did not happen. I'm hoping the mating with Whitey done a few weeks ago to the two young does went well or at least the neighbor's rabbit will kindle this week. She also was bred to him. The neighbor promised me a buck if all goes well. I needed a new buck anyway but did not have the heart to put Whitey in the freezer as meat. I could not justify keeping him as a pet since money is so tight. I guess all worked out for the best. YET, my heart says otherwise.  I'm missing my sweet boy.

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