Saturday, November 19, 2016

WW2 Thumb Daggers

What's hubby been up to, knives of course. As the weathers turns colder, Kirk has slipped away now and then to work on knives. He needs the reprieve and the extra income would be welcome. One of these thumb daggers is an order and the other something to sell at the SHOT show which is for store retailers. When Kirk learned the history of these small little knives some years back he was fascinated. He has friends that are ex-special forces and navy seals.
These small knives have an appeal to them. Thumb daggers date back to WW2. They were a "last ditch" weapon. Last ditch because if you can use a larger knife or gun then this is not what you reach for. Some military personnel hid them in a slit in the inside of their leather boots, especially those who went behind enemy line. It would be nice to have if you were captured by the enemy.

The size up from this is the lapel dagger. Kirk just makes the thumb dagger size. A few of these find there way into the hands of those in the special forces today.

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