Friday, December 30, 2016

Snow, Snow Snow!!

The forecast is for snow starting this afternoon with accumulations of 2 to 6 inches and if the weather is anything like it has been, then we will get the 6 not the 2 inches. As you can see we need more of the white stuff ha, ha. And since Old Man Winter does not think we have enough, another storm is to hit on Sunday and Monday. They promise just flurries but we shall see. This year the weatherman keeps upping his predictions right before each storm and being on the edge of the Siberian Vortex thingy, I suppose we shall see much more of the white stuff before spring. I'm just grateful we are on the edge not the middle. 

It wouldn't be so bad if we could simply sit by the fire and read stories but......

first we have to unbury the livestock. The goat stalls are on the left and the chickens on the right. The board across the coop is to keep the wind from destroying the door, also keeps the predators out. If you look closely you will see raccoon claw marks by the handle which has a clasp.This was Christmas's storm with howling winds. 

The work is not done though for after we unbury the livestock we have to get the hay to the them through the wide and drifting snow "OH!". Sorry I felt a song coming on. Our four year old grand daughter loves, " Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go" since we go over the creek and through a grove of trees before climbing to this grandmother's house.

Tromping through the snow drifts with hay is after we unbury the hay bale. Hay does not unwind off a round bale if it is packed tight in wind driven snow. We spent hours just shoveling. Then we unburied the gates to get through them. Luckily the goat gate does not get buried very often and the beef one we dig through when a storm is to hit with low temperatures for we put the calves move the calves from the pasture to the barn. The temperatures are suppose to dip low again on this coming Sunday and last for a good week at least so they will get moved once more. Sam gets lonely but he can hunker deeper in his small shed and is tough enough to weather the storms.

Luckily on Christmas our oldest daughter was snowed in with us. All the roads were closed due to blizzarding conditions. So on Monday while plows cleared the highways and county roads, she was here to help out. Wisely she had brought her snow boots and with my wool German army pants she got by. I have Swedish ones too. The German ones have a plastic like stuff in the knees and butt which is great for wollering in the snow but the Swedish ones have longer legs and I like that. Yesterday I found the smaller sized Carhart insulated bibs so they will be here for her. They are the workhorse brand out here and what I usually reach for first. 

 As for boots, I told her if she wanted to hole up here, she had to get more country footwear. She is now looking for a pair of Boggs or Mucks as it seems we are always cleaning stalls or shoveling out when she comes. True to form, we cleaned stalls after we had shoveled out. The snow crept in. Seems we have some more tightening up to do on the goat stalls and goat milking barn too. Nothing like a blizzard with high winds to show your shelter's weak areas.

When the livestock chores were done then we unburried the porches and sidewalk. While we shoveled, Kirk manned the tractor and cleared the snow in front of the barn and garage then moved on to clearing the 1/2 mile of road to the county road. It could be a very winter. Funny, my back is not hurting but my hind end sure feels it after this long week of shoveling. The wind keeps howling and driving the snow around into new drifts or making existing ones higher.  
 The grandkids lucked out. They snuggled by the fire early Christmas morning just before taking off with their mom to her house, just before the storm hit.

I see a red sky this morning and you know the saying, "Red sky take warning." After livestock chores, I've got wood to haul and stack in the garage. I'm then going to run to town for a grocery run. Our oldest granddaughter has a birthday on New Years. She turns 12. For her birthday dinner she wants hamburgers and we have no beef in the freezer. Another task needing done, process the beef for the freezer. We have no Yak hamburger left either which she would have loved too. Yak is the kid's favorite meat.

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