Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Gift Of Time

Brrr..... It is cold. One degree Fahrenheit right now as I write.  We had such a long, warm fall that the natural antifreeze is low. I guess Old Man Winter is here. They say the extra early and bitter cold winter in Siberia is going to effect us. Luckily we are on the edge of the front systems they say will come our way. Then again they seldom get the forecast correct so who knows. I really should not complain. Others have it worse than we do. We just aren't ready yet. More so than last year but still a long ways off from ready. The list is long of yet to do's, a few years out of to do's. We hear Old Man Winter can get brutal up here with neighbors caravanning behind a tractor plowing through large drifts to reach the highway. Then a time is set for everyone to meet to follow the tractor once more as it plows a way back home again. I hope Old Man Winter's worst waits for us until we are ready. Money and time have not been our friend.

If you wonder where I went the last couple weeks then just know I am running as fast as I can and falling further behind. Fix something, something else needs fixed. That is on top of the things to do lists which does not mention broken. Unfortunately, it is our 4-wheel drive pickup right now which needs a new U-joint and the 4-wheel drive fixed. This is just as we finished one snow piling storm this week and four storms are in the ten day forecast. The neighbor had to play taxi for the kids to get them the few miles to and from the bus stop today as hubby in his stressed out state after we rearranged part of the garage to get it in to and take a gander at the damage, took the truck keys to work. He travels an hour both ways to work so they are completely out of reach. Kirk put chains on the back tires for this past storm. One of the four tire chains needs fixed.

Our four-year-old last night said, "Grandma get up and do something." Apparently my sitting for a spell is rather disturbing to her. Since I have not been sitting, I have not been blogging either.  Christmas is around the corner and I have not gotten anything done yet. No money to buy much and no time to do. Oh well, I am getting in some do for you projects. I taught my first of a series of lessons on how to make bread to our daughter-In-law. I plan on very soon teaching my step-mother-in-law how to make crepes. She voiced an interest.

I may not have finished decorating for Christmas, (I skipped Thanksgiving having left-overs instead because we were so.... exhausted). Even if not much gets done in the form of decorating or gifts before the big day; I plan on making sure the gift of time is given. Maybe not a lot but something special to say I LOVE YOU!  

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