Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Tomatoes Had Aphids!

We have been watching the parade of deer today. Back and forth they trek across the back of the house. They keep checking but the double high woven wire fence just does not come down. Poor things, no more lush alfalfa hay. The good thing about having so many deer in the yard is sheds. No, not the kind made of wood or metal but the antlers growing on the deer's heads that fall off in the winter time. We have a couple four point antlers they've left as presents. In Wyoming you count the tines on one side not both sides like you do back East. We often call antlers horns but technically they are not. Horns remain and grow for the life of the animal and antlers are shed once a year.

We keep a close eye out for antlers and keep them picked up. Many a rancher has had an expensive tractor tire punchered by one.

My sister called today. She has aphids on her Tiny Tom tomato plants. Me too or rather I did. (I sent small starts with my other sister this fall to give her.)I would guess it is a condescendence that hers and mine both have them as it has been months since her's left my house. She said she was using an insecticide but with such few plants I found it quite easy to just take the pots to the kitchen sink, tip it on its side and use the power spray nozzle to hose the tops and bottoms of each leave sending the aphids down the kitchen drain.  

Two of my tomato plants got pretty bad. I've pictured one. I finally just threw the two plants in the pot deciding that I had six more starts in small pots and four full size ones in larger pots. It just did not seem like it was worth the effort to fight this one back to health with all the drama going on around us. I would have to hose the plant of daily. The others seem to been fine with just a couple thorough hosings.

 The aphid problem was my fault. I had neglected the tomatoes and they were not getting fertilized or watered as they should. Stress often brings on disease or the bad guys. Stress seems to be a part of life.

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