Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A New Way To Haul Groceries

What or what was I going to do? I took several runs at the hill but it would simply slide back down after only making it 15 feet or so. The car that was now full of groceries that included the back seat and trunk. I don't like to go to town and I don't like to shop so I do as much as possible at one time. The weather man lied once more, for the warmer this time and the warmth had melted our snowy drive into our place into a ice skating ring, a steep uphill slide.

No way was I getting in so I tucked the car off to the side of the road where it was flat and glanced with dread into the back seat. How was I going to get a back seat and truck full of groceries up the hill? I'd guess there was 175 to 200 pounds to carry. 30 pounds of chicken I'd found on sale and a rare find of forty pounds of my favorite flour. I wasn't so excited about my purchases now. It would take a lot of trips up and down the hill to carry it all home and I'd missed my noon cortisol pills so my legs were already feeling wobbly. I glanced at the neighbor's homes but they were dark, probably still at work. I knew the tractor was not going to be easy to start, if it did at all, as the temperature was dropping fast. Even if I got down the hill, it was not likely to make it back up so that option was out.

We had just bought the Otter sled two days before and I figured it was my only option. I wasn't about to let my fruit and vegetables freeze. I took a cortisol pill for my adrenals as soon as I walked to the house and squared my shoulders telling myself, "When the gong gets tough; the tough get going." a saying I heard a lot as kid. I dressed in my warmest clothes and in my Artic Mucks I headed out. My adrenal glands were nearly on empty when I started and it takes almost an hour for the pill to kick in so I knew this was not going to be pretty. It wasn't. I'd climb a few feet, dig the sides of my shoes in until I'd found a reasonably firm stance, and then heave on the ropes, pulling the sled up to me. A few times of this and I'd rest a minute, catching my breath, and then do it all over again. I'm a determined old cuss but you've probably figured that out by now and I was motivated as the weather was fast turning into a blizzard.

Home never felt so good. All but the frozen and refrigerator items waited as I rested next to the roaring fire. An hour or maybe an hour and a half later my husband called and said he would be late. The roads were really bad. They had really deteriorated since I had gone through. I was comforted by the fact that he had the 4-wheel drive. By the time he had reached our hill though, there was probably three inches of fluffy snow at least with the ice skating ring underneath. He ran off the hill on his, I don't know how many attempts. Rather than hike up in tennis shoes, (What was he thinking not taking snow boots?) he laid under the truck and put on the chains. With  tire chains and 4-wheel he barely made it.

There was only one way we were going to get the car back up the next day. Kirk rigged a salamander heater under a tarp so the heat from it would blow on the tractor's motor. It worked. The tractor started and with the tires chained up, it had no problem in the all in the deep snow chugging along slowly to the bottom of the hill and back up at a snails pace with the car in tow. Oh the joys of winter - NOT!
I can't tell you how much I LOVE my Otter sled!!!!

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