Wednesday, January 25, 2017


 I am hardly a clean freak. My kitchen frequently is piled with dishes and you can write your name in the dust on my furniture. So lest you think I'm a fussy house keeper - don't. I've got too much to do and too many mouths to feed to keep up, but I do change beds once a week. Maybe it is because my brain is over active which leads me to be a researchaholic but I'm not staying in bed sheets that have gone beyond a week.

Do you know that each of us shed 500 million cells daily, along with perspiration, pollen, pet dander, fungi, and mold and for eight hours a night (if we are lucky) we fill our beds with this? Maybe you are okay snuggling up to these guys but I get grossed out. If that is not enough to turn your stomach then how about the knowledge that 84 percent of beds in America have dust mites which feed off of our dead skin cells. Add on to this two droolers in the house. Who knows what germies are being deposited from their mouths onto their pillow cases.

Most of you probably know that dust mites are the source of allergy irritants as are pollen but did you know that by not changing your sheets at least once a week you put yourself at risk of serious viruses and infections? That is according to Lisa Ackerly, MD, a U.K. - based hygiene doctor.  If one of the family is sick, (stomach flu, cold...) they get their sheets changed right after they shows signs of improvement and then the bed goes into the regular Monday change rotation. I want those bugs gone so they don't re-infect the person. If you have an open wound then you are at greater risk of infection along with a risk for urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and even bacteraemia (blood stream infections).

The cure - wash your sheets. They recommend in the hottest water possible to kill the bad guys. I'm not known for using hot, hot water but I do wash my sheets regularly. I often have to pay special attention to the pillow cases and use my home-made stain remover on them.

I've found that the grandkids do not complain, in fact they have experienced the other side of the coin and rather appreciate having clean sheets. The way to get them to change their own beds without a fuss is to make it as easy as possible. Our oldest granddaughter has memory issues so I put the twin sheets on one shelf and the double sheets on another. I label the shelves as she can't remember what twin and double mean. If you think about it, double and twin both mean two so I get the confusion. By the word twin I put the number 1 beside it and double with 2. I could become frustrated and angry for yes, we have had most of the same sheets for years and they have not magically changed size but I suppose to a kid, the memory of what is what is not up there at the top of their importance list. I say, pick your battles. Life is hard enough as it is, especially for these sweet granddaughters of ours.
This is my linen, puzzles, and games, closet.
Next step is to making it easier for everyone is to fold the flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillow cases all in one bundle so the kids can just grab a set for a bed and go to work.  Place the flat, fitted, and pillowcases separately and you might find the kids only use the bottom sheet and pillow cases or refuse to make the bed at all. If you don't have matching sets then at least form a set from the mismatch that you have and bundle together. Our oldest granddaughter has had some pretty heated arguments with her mom as she says it is easier to fight than to figure the sheet mess out. I get it and have done my sheets this way since our children were little. I have memory issues too as does my husband. I would have to say I do this in part because my linen closet stays neat and orderly because the bundle of sheets are thicker, the kids can handle them without disturbing the others. I do the towels in a way that minimizes the mess also.  

Love at home begins with putting others first. It is not about what is more convenient for you but what makes things work more smoothly. If I keep a schedule going with things fairly predictable, and our belongings in order then I find that we go several days without a disagreement from the granddaughters. In this setting, surprises are most appreciated.

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