Friday, February 24, 2017

A Facebook Page

Come see!! I have a Facebook page for Easy Living the Hard Way. The link is
 I've just posted a picture of our newest member to our rabbit family. On the Facebook page will be quick updates and introductions to new members of the livestock family or something we are in the middle of. Give it a gander.

I invite you to be a part of the many changes I am making. Please let me know what you would like to see more of on my blog. I am doing a great deal of thinking about the direction my writing needs to go. I have plans but what I really want to know is what brings you to Easy Living the Hard Way? Write to me. My plans include you.

Let me know if the Facebook link does not work. Our oldest daughter is updating me once more on social media and how to use a computer. My four year old granddaughter was showing me something new on the television remote the other day. Yup, a four year old can out maneuver me. You can see techno is not my thing.  None the less our daughter keeps dragging me along into this century but what I'm really interested is in the last one and a half. With help I might yet get things figured out and I admit, it is kind of fun.

What really stumps me in this new century is part of my brother's texts. He keeps putting in all those garbled code letters that are suppose to mean something. I'd answer his texts right away but I've got to decipher the things. The four year old isn't around all the time. My sister are smart enough to keep things low tech. I still have a flip phone.


  1. I have learned so much from you. I love when you talk/teach about how to tell when animals are up to standard, how to care for them. I learned from you about milk being A1 or A2. I also enjoy reading when you talk about what is in a particular food that is good for us, vitamins, minerals etc. Please keep that up. I also enjoy listening to you as you teach your granddaughters about country living. We have our 16 year old grandson, he has been with us since he was one. He is high functioning autistic. He is learning to garden raise animals and be self sufficient. We are in the process of learning about sourdough and I rely on a lot of your blog posts for information. Thank you and keep it going.

    1. Thank you for being specific. I need the input so I can determine where to go with my posts. One of my plans is to write articles for magazines, upgrade my blog posts, do Facebook, and write e-books. I blog post only a little of what I've learned about a subject. Thank you!! You have given me much to think about.