Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tomatoes Are Bad For You or so the New Fad Says

I was listening or rather started to listen to a site about how tomatoes and beans were bad for us because they contain.... whatever chemical it was that causes bloating and makes you gain weight. I sometimes do this as I read e-mails. Interestingly I could find no one else who had done studies on the same subject to substantiate this claim? I have no doubt it might work for the doctor who plastered pictures of himself all over the site but was it really due to a food sensitivity on his part? I had to wonder. I've grown extremely suspicious of diets and diet information. It is a huge money maker.

I remember when some of my family, not in my food control, went on the Atkins diet. My research revealed that the founder made a huge amount of money and helped tons of people loose weight while causing kidney damage. I also found that it only works for six months. That is the formula, loose weight quickly but not in a manner that will sustain the weight loss because then you won't need to loose weight again. "Money makes the world go round." they say and doctor after doctor jumps on the bandwagon using his or her credentials to doop yet another set of citizens desperate for a quick and relatively easy solution to extra pounds or poor health.

Remember the era when oatmeal was pushed as the simple way to lower high cholesterol? They made no differentiation between instant, quick, cracked, or scotch oat. One size fits all. What they did not say was that it was really just roughage that more people needed.  The push was backed by oatmeal companies. Just like eat Angus beef is by the Angus beef industry. It is a gimmick to sell more of a product and it works.

So is it all tomatoes that this doctor does not like? They are not all created equal. Does this chemical he touts as bad greater or lesser in certain tomatoes or in different ways of processing them. Remember my blog about kidney beans? Raw they are toxic but cooked the toxicity is tremendously reduced to where the body has no problem with them. It is in the details where the truth is found. Did you know that commercial tomatoes produced today are lower in acid than the heirloom tomatoes of yesteryear? Because of this they now recommend that you pressure can your tomatoes rather than water bath them for safety. That is not all that has changed from the tomatoes of your great grandmother. From the 1950's to today crops have lost 5% to 40% of their minerals and vitamins. Some is through selective breeding for mass production and some through soil depletion.

When you look inside a can of tomatoes the tin is lined with a gold substance. This is to prevent the acid in the tomatoes from eating the can too quickly. Never the less over time the can does get eaten by the tomatoes inside. This means you are eating metal with your tomatoes. It is not just tomatoes but all foods in a can eat away at the lining. But rest assured, remember, the modern tomato has undergone a large change in the acid level  The tomato of today eats the can slower. I'm sure that makes you feel much better.

When I look at these self touted experts who say they only  want to help more people, I look at what they have to profit from the information they are selling or the product being sold. I also notice how long they try and keep you watching their video.  The longer the video, the more likely you are to buy. I want someone who gets to the point so I never make it to the end. Give me facts and figures along with substantiating evidence of theirs and others in the field.  

As for testimonials, they are a scheme and are rigged. Don't believe them. I've learned a great deal about marketing from our daughter who works in that field. Also don't believe anyone who after a short period of time says the health product makes them feel better. Most things are formulated to initially make you feel better. Some of it is psychological. The other part is often an addictive substance or just enough of a good thing to make you feel better while taking it and not when you quit. Talk to the same person a few years down the road and the story usually has changed. Health supplements seldom have a lasting effect.

From what I've read and watched. Most health products are harmful since bits and pieces are pulled outside of their natural state.  The natural state being the best formulation for absorption or the best nutrient balance. Very little should be done to the food before consuming.  The good Lord formulated things in a balance that is best for our bodies. We seldom improve on that. That is why my doctor told me Kirk and I to not take supplements. Except vitamin D which we can't get enough of where we live. Eat well and live well is the magic formula. In fact my husband was taking vitamins and became ill. Quit and he is much better. The vitamins were top notch and prescribed by a doctor who is a nutrition expert too but still not real food.  A friend says he takes vitamins and feels much better on them but he admits he eats terrible. See the difference?

Interesting how the research sites and university sites which publish studies never try and sell me something. Information for free. Who really has my best interest in mind and who is just trying to get into my pocket? It is easy to tell when money is involved.

We've heard that milk is bad. This came out at the same time as almond milk. Of course the study reports did not saying whether the milk that is bad is pasteurized cow's milk, A1 or A2, what the breed of cow is because yes, that makes a difference. They do not say whether it is camel milk, fresh goat milk, or even sheep milk that is suppose to be bad. They did not say whether the animal was fed grain or simply pasture fed. Whether it had drugs pumped into its body but simply said milk is just milk and it is bad. No it is not!! The truth is that some milk is not healthy and some people have trouble with one kind of milk but not the other. For some drinking milk is not necessary and even harmful. In my opinion almond milk is not milk. It is a highly processed product.  Who knows what they are doing to the nuts to extract as much liquid as possible. Is it like most canola oils where they use a petroleum product to do so?

My first question when I read something about health is who has something to gain from this? Is this a blanket approach and ignores differences? Was this a thorough study lasting an extended period of time which means years? Was the study done in different countries and with a large number of people. Some nationalities have trouble with certain foods because of genetics. Is this study supported by others?

Experts are now panicked. People have bought the lies and now they won't listen to the truth. Low fat foods have a substantial amount more of sugar and salt in them and this makes them more unhealthy than the whole products but people are still buying low fat. Low fat foods are more heavily processed which changes the chemical composition of the product. This alteration often means the body can not easily digest it. Things not easily digest product often turn into fat in the body and is toxic. Whoops, the intent was to lower fat. Keep in mind that the more something is altered the more the potential for harm.Whole foods are the push now and for good reason. Foods have a carefully orchestrated balance in them that scientists are just now beginning to understand. Each component is important. Also coupling foods together helps our bodies to better utilize each.

To further complicate things, some vitamins and minerals are more readily available if a food is cooked but other vitamins and minerals in the same food is more easily absorbed if raw. You need to therefor eat it in both states. I  have a friend that can not eat carrots raw but can if cooked. Grains and nuts become a chelator in the raw state but the vitamins are released if coupled with certain other foods and cooked. Calcium needs magnesium or your body can not  absorb it. Goat milk has enough but not cow's milk. Yet cow's milk has more folic acid. Milk is greatly changed by what the animal is fed. One diet being healthy and the other unhealthy for you. The truth is in the details.

Should you throw up your hands and say, "It is just too complicated and everything is bad for me." therefore they feel justified in eating as they wish.

Go right ahead, join the 1 in 3 women with cancer, the 1 in 2 men with cancer. Join the throng of people who are fighting chronic illnesses like high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Yes, you might have a genetic disposition to get the disease but the choice is still yours. Most diseases are the results of a accumulations of choices as is Type Two Diabetes. What diseases are you choosing? Some have predispositions by genetics to a disease but whether or not we contract that disease is our choice. Each day we choose what we put in our mouth and what we surround ourselves with.

Unless you are born with health problems or your parents ruined yours in your youth, then you were given a nice clean slate to start with. What will you do with it?

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