Saturday, March 25, 2017

Marion Gave Birth

Our middle daughter and I are flying out tomorrow to a cancer center to find some answers that have eluded the local doctors. That puts hubby and the oldest daughter in charge of four grand daughters and babies galore. Those who follow on Facebook know that we had our first batch of kits ,Wednesday. Eight in total to a first time mom. They are fat, happy, and doing well. We are proud of our sweet natured girl. I really need to get to naming some of my critters. This doe and her sister have none. As you can guess I've been a little preoccupied lately.
The triplets born a while back are doing well but bottle fed as it stresses their mom to no end to just watch over them. I need to find homes for two of the kids soon as Belle has lost a great deal of weight. She will pick up when the kids are gone. I'm saying two because I will keep the black one and watch her. I really like the way she looks. That brings the total of babies to 11.
Then just a little while ago twins were born to Marion. The last one had its head sticking out with no legs. Not good so I did a little rearranging, I pulled one leg forward and since there was plenty of room I pulled gently and out came buck number two. Whew! I'm sure the home crew is saying as their delivery experience is nil - hubby and maybe once - oldest daughter.
As I write I'm still waiting for the arrival of the afterbirth but in the meanwhile I gave the kids a little colostrum and set them under the heat lamp. Pretty nice outside but the one buck I pulled is feeling slightly rough. Warm him up and he should be ready to hog down on the colostrum when I introduce it once more. At that point when they are standing, I will put them on momma's teats and Marion can raise these two with a little bottle feeding to make sure I can sell them earlier than weaned  --if I get a chance.
I mentioned in the last birthing post that you needed to get to know each doe. This one is not like her mother. She showed signs that she would give birth  on today ----- yesterday. The top line down her hip was pushed into a sharp ridge. You can see it here. The tail head was extremely loose. Her flanks sucked in deep because the twins had moved into position just outside the birthing canal. The missing link was a udder that was filling with colostrum. 32 years of experience has taught me a thing or two and saved me lots of sleep lost. Marion's hips tilted even more sharply today slanted downward in a slide position. This is the direction in which you pull when you are trying to extract kids. NOT OUTWARD! Downward and with a steady pull while holding the two front legs is the norm.

In this case it was a leg and the neck near the shoulders since there was lots of room and I could see from the condition of the kid that I needed to hurry. As soon as he was out, I swung him in an arch back and forth a couple times using centrifical force to extract fluid from his lungs and stuck my finger in his mouth to clean it out. He still wasn't breathing so I stuck a finger down his throat a little to force a gag, which he did. I had a live kid. The eyes when I was delivering had me questioning that fact. I then rubbed him roughly to stimulate him. He gasped and began to breath normal. My next move would have been to evaluate him to see if CPR was in order if I had gotten no response. I've done CPR on many different species right after birth. You get a feel before you start whether too much time has passed or whether you need to just jump start things.  
 Marion's bag had not filled yet at delivery but some does fill while in labor and others wait until after. This girl bags up fully after delivery. Not something I like and has her way down the score card. But... I need milk and so Marion is here for the time being. When you breed your does, you should put Ole Reliable in first. She is the doe which bags up nicely before birth and has lots of colostrum. You never know when that colostrum will be the difference between life and death of kids to come from another doe. Right now Ole Reliable, Belle, is first as she is my heaviest milker and colostrum provider.
That puts spare colostrum in the freezer.

Besides kits and kids, I have two baby ducks my hubby promised the four-year-old so I purchased them on Thursday at the local feed store. There are also two chicks of ours which their story needs to be told but at another date.

We have two more doe rabbits due very soon and two hens sitting on chicks. Also an incubator with eggs. Still having trouble with that thing though I bought a new heater system for it last year.

If you don't hear from me for a little while, remember, I am out of town but will be back soon. My family will make sure of that--- LOL


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