Thursday, April 6, 2017

A New Livestock Project

 Yes, the four year old talked grandpa into ducks. 
 After all she had been faithful in helping feed the kid goats so when we checked at the feed store for Australorp chicks and spied ducks well....
 How could he say no? Her mama, our daughter, had ducks too when she was young. She loved her ducks and so I guess it is no surprise her daughter does too. In fact we have a picture of her on a float we made for a parade with her duck in her arms. We raised some Rouens, (they look like Mallards) and we raised Pekin ducks but I don't want those. I did rather covet having one of the beautiful brown Kahkii Campbell ducklings I saw when our grand daughter chose a Pekin and a Swedish. Practicality weighed against emotions and home we came with just the two. 
The ducklings were soon named --- Goostoff, the yellow one; and Daisy, the black one but I think Daisy is about to have a name change. The four year is wavering on it. Her favorite duck is Daisy. She begs to hold her though Daisy squirms and squawks. I think I heard that while I was gone, Goostoff pecked her. That would do it. He is more aggressive.
 As for me, I like them both but I'm leaning toward the Swedish breed. Sweden is cold and snowy and so are we. Besides, I am a Swede on my grandmother's side. Her parents and most of her siblings having been born in Sweden. And who should I see looking at me in the mirror, yes, my Swedish grandmother. So I'm thinking if the Swedish breed were created in Sweden, they just might get along fine here since they are known for their exceptional hardiness and cold resistance. They weigh from 6 1/2 to 8 pounds and have wonderfully flavored meat. Heaven forbid should we ever have to eat Daisy but should she have offspring.... 

I read that they are broody. I so hope Daisy is a she and she has little ones. Then again what if the Pekin is a girl and the Swede is a boy? Pekins are not broody and Swedish ducks are. I think we need more ducks. In fact I just called and am heading in to pick up three. Check back, I've a surprise waiting and I'll tell you what I have planned for them. 

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