Thursday, April 27, 2017

More Buttons

 Remember grandma's button box or rather metal tin. That is what my grandmas had, didn't yours? My favorite one was my dad's moms, a round blue decorated (if my memory serves me right) metal tin stuffed half full of treasures. My Grandmothers lived through the Great Depression and 'waste not want not' was heavily employed so clothing, buttons, and zippers were given a second life. 

 I'm feeling that The Great Depression is just around the corner for us as I just completed our yearly budget. Yes, it is four months into the new year but we had to purchase a used Yedi and so I checked and sure enough stretched tight became dong! But wait you say, 'What is a Yedi?' You don't have a Yedi? Well maybe you do but just call it a Yukon. There are lots of them but only one Yedi which is much warmer and more personable don't you think?

That may not make sense but why does naming cut up weiners in corn bread, 'Dogs in a Bog' cause excitement at the dining room table with the grandkids? Or why does naming the bear hanging on our entry wall Cocoa, somehow give him a cuddly protective feeling instead of scaring the grandkids at night when they wonder off to the bathroom in the dark? Sometimes perception goes a long ways.

 So now you know what has me clipping buttons off of used clothing once again and thinking about what supplies I have that I could turn into something that would bring in a little income. This stained shirt that refused to come clean donated its buttons yesterday. Yes indeed, my button collection is not reserved to one tin but three organizer bins and yes, the grandkids like to go through it too. And should I admit it......hmmmmm I'll confess, I have one more storage bin in reserve. You know the say, "Build it and they will come" 
I feel no shame for I have used many used buttons and intend to use many more used buttons in the next year. How many use or used did I use in one sentence or is it two sentences? Oh dear, can you tell I had little sleep last night? Late night and a 4:30 am  morning to load goats going to their new home creates a silly me. 

 My latest treasure are these unusual buttons I found on a wool skirt I was taking apart to felt the fabric. I'm referring to the bottom two metal buttons of which there were several more. The skirt had a gross grain ribbon threaded through them and then sewn from the top of the short skirt to the bottom. The buttons fastened the skirt shut. Now this has me thinking that it might be fun making some buttons like this of my own creation. See I will need that extra button tray.

Did I tell you I like to make buttons. You might say I have a bit of a button fetish. Those little scraps of gorgeous woods and Mastodon ivory left over from my husband's knife making just keep calling to me,'Make something from me.' The question is "Will I have time to answer?"


  1. I remember my grandmother having buttons in a tin. I don't know what became of it when she passed away. I keep my buttons in a canning jar. I like seeing them through the glass. I'm curious, what do you use the felted fabric for?

  2. I wish I knew what became of my grandmother's button tin when she passed away. A canning jar sounds delightful and you'd catch me turning the jar over and over to catch a glimpse of my favorites. But I'd have to have canning jars and jars. Oh how I love my buttons and canning jars for that matter. I have quite a collection of them also. LOL The felted fabric I am hoping to turn into some fancy Tomte figurines for Christmas. If my visions for them turns out then I hope to sell them. One of my grandmother's was Swedish and that is who I see in the mirror looking back at me.I've always had a fascination for Tomtes and I want mine to have a real Swedish look. They will have wool clothing and some with possible embroidery and beads in a crazy quilt fashion. I have a variety of hats in mind and mohair for beards. I have some suitable wool also. Some tomtes will have skis or a sled, others snowshoes, and a few lanterns. We shall see how it all works out. I'm still taking apart used wool clothing to felt so the process is in its infancy.

  3. I will have to look up the Tomtes. I just recently discovered that my father's ancestors are from Norway and Sweden. So we are trying to learn about those countries.

    1. Most of my grandmother's siblings were born in Sweden and with our children we use to celebrate a different countries Christmas each year. The Saint Lucas Day celebration was held every year with a slight moderation. We all climbed in bed with Kirk and ate together.

    2. I adore the Scandinavian clothes and simplistic way of decorating. Have fun studying. If you get a chance the Festival of Nations in Redlodge, Montana is great. They include a Scandinavian day. The costumes are awesome.