Thursday, July 13, 2017

A New Dish with Butternut Squash and Garlic Scapes

Look yummy? It was. Sorry, there's none left. 
but, don't worry, I can tell you just how to make it so you can have some too. This is my experimentation with Scapes, garlic scapes.

Scapes are the top seed set on garlic stalks. Garlic and I in the past have not been friends. Oh I love the stuff alright but for reasons I've not yet figured out, it either dies, or does not do so well in the garden. I'm think that I am planting it too deep. Who knows but this is the first year in which I've had garlic plants that are normal size. What is under neath has yet to be revealed but I'm hoping it is good. Outdoors may have been a bomb but I had big success indoors. The stalks came back time after time until they finally gave out. Those stalks chopped up and put in culinary dishes not only added a lovely vibrant color but flavor galore. No bulb left underneath when the tops finally gave out but a definitely worth doing again. So imagine how thrilled I was to not only to have tall garlic plants in the garden but scapes. I've read about those things and now I have my own. Now what oh what shall I do with them? I've read you use them when they curl and not before and mine are ready for something.

When I spied I butternut squash at the store, I knew this was what my first adventure with scapes should be. Raw butternut squash chopped and fried with diced onions and scapes. One of our favorites. The only hickup was when I tasted the chopped scapes. Not much flavor there.  Much more mild than my stalks from my winter garlic pot. Maybe I'd better add a little of the bottled garlic I thought or this isn't going to be what I want. Don't turn up your faces. It is the only thing I had. I've been trying to find some decent raw garlic at the store and not only is it scarce but it is all dried up too. We aren't exactly in the heart of culinary country. This only adds to my motivation to grow my own.

So get out your cast iron skillet and use whatever garlic you have. Cast iron so you can get that slightly blackened look that makes onions and garlic so yummy. When heated, add some olive oil. (I was out of ghee though that would have been better to add that buttery taste.) Then toss in the squash, two kinds of garlic or whatever you have, and onions. Cook till done and voila, the bestust thing ever. Just as a side note, I've used frozen chopped butternut squash also. Not quite as good but close. 

Since this dish is a newby for me. I'm trying to grow some butternut in the garden. That is a first too. As I stare at the shrimpy plants I'm not sure they are going to make fruit in time, or is it a vegetable? Anyway, it doesn't look promising. Nearby though is some very lovely Sugar Pie pumpkin plants in bloom.Hm.....

You know it. I'm looking up recipes for using pumpkin in the place of butternut. Did you know you can make fries with pumpkin. We love sweet potato fries. I've got to try it. And in this dish, pumpkin can be a nice substitute also I thinking. Pumpkins and squash are after all in the same family. Whatever you decide to use, give this dish a try and tell me what you think.

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