Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tis the Season

Snow was in the forecast but they decided it might rain instead. I'm questioning the weatherman but when don't I? Along the coastlines I hear he can do a pretty good job but here out in Wyoming his mind is as clean as the driven snow -- he changes it so often. Yup, just wait a few minutes and he'll tell you something new. Then maybe he will be right or maybe we'll get 18 inches of snow like we did the first year we moved in. That was our first snow of the year and he said a skiff if I recall.  Then there was the year we had a killing hard frost on August 23. Did not expect it to be so dramatic .. but it was.

Wyoming is famous but we're infamous. Did I use that right. Anyway, where we live in Wyoming, our weather is note worthy. If the Interstate is closed, it's most like because of us. Well, not us personally but us as in us'es weather. So the best thing is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We are not prepared for the worst since that requires more funds than are currently available. It appears we are the only ones without a propane tank in this valley and a generator that runs the whole house? Didn't know that when we bought the place. Not that there wasn't a generator but that we needed to have one. It's a bit better now but the power use to go out several times a month. Usually when the weather was nice. It is better now but I'm still leery. The neighbors tell a tale of being without power for 6 days because of a series of snowstorms. We have a lot more preparation to do because Murphy hasn't forgotten us and I'm not stupid enough to think that won't happen again someday.

 Even though it has been in the 90's F. lately, the calendar says we are approaching the 15th and that means erratic temperatures which includes cold and a killing freeze. The wishy washy weatherman says a high in the low forties during the day for Friday and Saturday with 34 F at night. 34 is awful close to 32 and you know  how accurate our weatherman is. In fact while I am writing this, he changed the forecast once more from supper time when he said we'd get .83 inches of rain one day and I think it was .60 something the day before. Now I feel cheated because he says only .06 inches of rain. No wonder we have so little faith in him. He gets our hopes up and then dashes them. He had better be wrong.  We need that rain.

 We hauled three loads of wood in from the sawmill last weekend in preparation for the cold temps we've come to expect this time of year. No, not the super cold temps but the need a fire in the stove kind to stay comfy weather.  The nice chilly weather that invigorates me.
One of these days we will haul in logs but for now this is pretty cheap stuff. This is the outer sides of logs they are making into boards.

Time consuming to cut but cheap is floating our boat right now. Early next week we will hopefully get two loads of hay and then we need to haul in sawdust for bedding, and fill the trash cans up with livestock feed. Not before we glean from the garden first. Don't know how we'll get er all done but.... we have to. 

Then when all is gathered in we can relax and do all the fix it jobs for winter. You know, finish the rabbitry Kirk began. Amazing how motivated he is since I  moved the rabbits to the barn. The place he does his forging of knives in. Then we have to replace some windows, seal up some sheds tighter, ......... The list doesn't end just the weather ends our progress. It just gets taken up again when the weather improves. So if this blog is a bit silent, know when I can, I'll write. 

Things have been crazy with the grandkids in school. I'm running like a yoyo between towns trying to keep up with them. Tomorrow I babysit our youngest who turns 1 the middle of October in one town but only after I get four other grandkids on the bus headed in the opposite direction. 

Know I'm thinking of you and that I haven't shown you our nine baby rabbits yet. Oh my are they cute. The eyes just started to open today and all nine of them jumped out of the nesting box. Two more does are due at the end of the month. How will I ever keep up?


  1. You sound very busy. Good luck

    1. We are crazy busy but what a wonderful feeling when things are tucked in ready for months to come. We sit by the fire and there is a calm of knowing that we are at least partially ready for Old Man Winter.