Sunday, March 30, 2014

Checklist Before Storm

Yesterday we were building a snowman. The weather was beautiful and warm.
After watching the movie Frozen we made a snowman. Not quite like Olaf but he was our inspiration along with what we could find around the yard.
Tonight is a very different story. The nice weather is gone.

We have a big storm moving in and it is beginning to snow. We have always prepared for storms for the just in case. Most times it isn't needed but there are those times we are extremely grateful. Our new location means we have to be extra prepared since the chances of loosing power and being snowed in are far greater. When the population is greatest is where the most energy is expended to restore power and provide services. We definitely do not qualify and I'm thankful. This move is in part about stepping up our self-sufficiency levels. 

In your area it might be a sea or ocean storm, it might be freezing rain, or maybe it is even a sandstorm. I'd be curious to hear what you do to prepare for such weather hazards. Let me know what you think of my list and fill free to add suggestions. I'd love to hear them and also what you do differently to prepare for what bad weather comes your way.

We have experienced power outages already, twice in fact. We have only been here a month. We do  know to prepare for that possibility. We aren't sure about the roads either since it was warm and now it is snowing. I'm guessing they will turn to ice and with 5 to 8 inches expected tonight with a bit more coming in tomorrow and the next day, Kirk is staying with our son which is much closer to work. That leaves our five year old and I getting ready to weather the storm together. We have made a game of it and built a checklist that we shout, "Check" when we have completed an item. 

This is ours checklist:
1. Water containers filled with enough for us and the stock for two days since electricity runs our well. Good thing we don't have very many animals. We need to work on more water storage for the future since the power once went out for three days I'm told.
2. Animals tucked in away from the storm.
3. Wood is chopped and hauled in the garage.
4. Batteries and flashlights ready. Lots of candles and holders. We need to get our propane lanterns from the other house.
5. One bottle of propane is here and a stove for it. We need to get our other bottles brought with the propane grill.
6. Bread baked.
7. Laundry done.
8. Dishes washed.
9. Bath for the munchkin and shower for me taken.
10. Truck tucked into the barn and plugged in.
11. We need to get the gas cans filled. In the future we will have the welder and it has a generator as part of it so that and the tractor will need gas. We need to practice keeping the vehicles filled each time we go to town.

Can you think of something I've missed? Tata for now, I'm off to play a game of Crazy Eights and eat popcorn with the munchkin. What do you do when the it is snowing outside?

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Yaks Are Here.

The yaks are here, yeah. I brought them home today. This setting looks much more natural for them. They are a high altitude, mountain animal. I unloaded them and they ran to this fence at the far side of the pen and looked longingly beyond. I'm trying girls I'm trying. I had to dig a path through the snow at the opposite side of the pen just to get this much fence built.
Some of the drifts are natural and huge. Then there is this one in the garden that extends beyond. It was the first time the previous owner had used snow fence. It wasn't far enough back for this year. This year because we have more snow than we have had for a very long time. This drift extends beyond and across the driveway.
Our five year old came home with me today and she's having a ball in the deep drifts and warmer weather. It won't last. It's why I rushed to bring home the rest of the stock today because we have a warm day tomorrow for them to settle. Then a large storm to move in, 5 - 8 inches of snow, and with the way things are going it will be 8 or more. We had only a skiff predicted for yesterday and we got 2 inches and then a little last night. Much of that melted this afternoon but it will be all white soon again. That means chop lots of wood, get the flashlights ready, the candles ready, the propane stove, fill water containers, and such just in case the power goes out. Plus make lots of food because hubby will be staying with our son so he can get to work. The five year old and I will just sit tight. Okay by me. Can't wait until we can bring the tractor. We sure need it here but then we still need it to load things there too.   

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Dream Laundry Room

What would make doing laundry not such a dreary task, a dream set up of course. I love, love, my laundry room. There are cupboards to put not just laundry soap in but old towels, batteries, light bulbs, flashlights, etc. There is a spot off to the left, which you can't see, to hang your mop and broom. There is a rack to hang up shirts, warm from the dryer, and not just one but two counter tops. The space under the countertop to fold on is just right for a good size garbage can and my drying racks. Plus, bless the previous owners, there is a deep sink which I use and use and use. It is so.... handy to take that mop bucket you see underneath it and fill it with soapy water to wash down walls or mop floors. Believe me, I have a great deal of cleaning to do in this very white house before it is all white again and to keep it that way until I paint. 
I would never of thought of it but the washer and dryer at angles toward each other is far better than ones side by side. It makes it easier to shift laundry from the washer to the dryer. Now if only the dryer door opened toward the counter top instead of away. Yes, it would have been a bit better to have flipped the two around but then the sink wouldn't be next to the washer and that is handy when you are scrubbing something and putting it into the washer. I suppose the arrangement has something to do with plumbing. Something I know nothing about except when it isn't working it is a smelly mess to clean up.  
And last but not least is the lovely laundry rack my husband built for me at the previous house. It fits perfectly behind the door. There is room to situate it so that it facing the door and another rack could be placed right beside it, if we needed to have more baskets.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Views Come With Predators

Thought I'd disappeared? Well my order at the new Internet company did. The computer ate it. When the installation day was coming to a close and no one had yet showed up, I called. Had to order it all over again. How come nothing is ever done the first time? In fact they set a new date for installation and then called to change that and then the time they were to show up didn't happen either. It has made this move so.... slow. Not that is wasn't already complicated but when you have to do things over and over it really impedes the progress. One computer is up and running and the others I just don't have the brain power to set up the router thingy. It is amazing how tired our minds are. The simplest tasks take great concentration. But we are partially up and running again so expect blogs as I can sneak them in. We are sti...ll moving.
The view from our master bedroom. Breathtaking isn't it. It is just as beautiful highlighted by the moon at night too.
We've begun using our binoculars a great deal to watch the wildlife and gaze up close at the view. Some day we are going to have to definitely get a spotting scope.
Note our munchkin with her fingers imitating grandpa.
Here she is trying out his binoculars. She has them upside down.
Problem is when you live close to the mountains and the countryside is teaming with wildlife, you also have predators. This is what Kirk and I stumbled across when we were investigating sounds coming from the draw on the north side of the empty five acre lot next door. We suspected it was turkeys as we have a big flock we see below us most of the day but not being real familiar with them we weren't sure if they indeed made the strange sound.
The kill was pretty disturbing as it was only 50 yards away from our barn. The barn that has a loafing shed on the other side with what they might consider their next supper inside. This picture makes it seem a bit further than the 50 yards but it was close, too close. The  tracks all around the white tail deer said it was coyote that did the deed and they are more elongated than a dog and the scat confirmed it was coyote. The kill appeared to be about two days old but it had snowed and so we knew the clear tracks meant the coyote or coyotes had been coming repeatedly to feast.
We expected to have some coyote problems since we do live near the mountains but not after the second night we had brought the goats here, yikes.
In my haste to quit worrying about stock in one place and I in the other, I put together a pen with cow panels and thought I had some time to secure it from predators. At the time I wasn't real sure what security measures were needed but I thought I had time to figure that out. It was enough of a headache just trying to figure out the layout of the pens and how they flowed into the pasture. The half unfenced pasture. This place was not set up for stock.
With snow drifts like this I just wasn't getting fencing done between trips of hauling belongings and putting them away so there was room for more. I would have to dig a lane through the snow in many parts to lay fence so I thought a couple smaller pens would do while I waited for the snow to melt. The snow that just keeps on coming. Note the flakes in the air in the bottom picture. We are expected to get showers again on Monday.
I got the first pen built and laid out the panels for the second. They ended up covered in snow. I shoveled out a couple panels today and put up a temporary pen in the barn. held up with baling twine to the support posts. That was tonight's safe haven from the predators.
Lesson number one learned. If you lay something down  it is soon buried. This is my stack of panels on the side of the barn that gets the least amount of snow half buried.

As I stewed about my need to go home after another load and fearing leaving the goats, I called a friend who is the father of a government trapper and asked about the characteristics of coyotes. You need to know your enemy if you have any chance of defeating him. A coyote is indeed a formidable enemy. I learned that people in heavily infested coyote country bring in their goats to a secure area two hours before sunset. So that is what I did tonight. I just don't want to forever be bringing them into the barn. It has too many other things that have to be housed inside. I'll let them out a couple hours after sunrise for coyotes also feed early in the morning.

This is what the gentleman said. At this time of the year coyotes are running in pairs, a female and a male and then about April to mid May the bitch will den up and have her pups. The male will then do the hunting and come back to the den to regurgitate the meat for her and the pups. June through July are really dangerous months where the bitch will be teaching her pups to hunt. Though the pattern will be the same, the months may be different in your area.

When are we kidding, June of course. Maybe not so smart? Next year it might be wise to plan that differently since the after birth and small kids are extra attractive to the bad boys.

I went to and looked up fencing. They recommend a sixteen foot cow panel cut the long way and laid on the ground attaching it to the upright fence. Coyotes are really good diggers. They will go under, through, or over fence. They recommend adding also an electric fence with a big jolt but I'll just have to get by with my solar electric fence we used around the garden to also aid in discouraging digging. Then we need to add another wire fence to the cow panel to create smaller openings. We have some that we had around the back of our property that we might use or we might use deer fence. They did say to make it tall. I'm just disappointed because I wanted to gaze out at the goats in the pen instead of through a wire mess obtrusive fence. From the cow panels we need to add extensions to hold up the deer fence. Not tight though because you don't want it stable. A nice stable top railing just creates a springboard for the coyotes feet to leap into the pen. A swinging, unstable fence top leaves them unsure if the fence will hold under their weight.

With putting the goats out to pasture in the daytime and in at night into a more secure enclosure, we hope to lower our risks. We only have three goats with one being the main supply of milk.

This also means the chickens will need an extra secure fence for the run. Here I thought skunks and raccoons would be our main problem, guess not. The neighbor told us some years back he lost a dog to the coyotes and advised us not to let our chickens run loose.

Some time this summer the plan is to close off half of the front end of the loafing shed and inside this area create two jugs. That way we can mother up does and kids before letting loose in with the others. This closed off area should also help with security and take the place of the barn which as big as it will be filled to capacity soon, a forging area, the tractor, a pickup truck, wood for winter, a small meat processing area, tools, a milking area, etc.

It is nice to be back, I hope you missed me because I sure missed you.

Monday, March 10, 2014

An Update

Headed out in a few minutes with another load, this time with candles, lantern, propane etc. encase the power goes out with the storm due this evening. I won't be posting this week due to moving, the Internet being switched from one location to another and with another company, also our daughter is graduating from the police academy this week. there just won't be a spare moment. In fact it might be pretty sparse the next couple weeks as we have various people coming in to help us move some of the big stuff like Kirk's two, 2000 pound trip hammers. I'll be back though so don't go away. I'll miss you terribly if you do. Until the next time, stay safe and know I'm thinking of blogging even if I can't actually do it.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Few More Pictures

This is a picture of our living room into the kitchen/sunroom area. Note the wood stove roaring in the left side. This stove heated the whole house when I was there but the temperatures were fairly mild. Good thing it did because the power went off leaving us with just a flashlight and a headlamp for light and this fire to keep warm. A man in a service truck ran into a power pole knocking it down on the vehicle we were told by the stove repairman who came to finish the work on the wood stove in the garage. The insurance man also came at the same time. The Lord was really helping out there with them both coming when we just happen to be there.

I ran over to the neighbors to ask about the outage before the repairman came and they told me that the power goes out now and then. Once it was out for three days. Really, really good to know. We will have to prepare for this in having gas for the welder to use as a generator until we buy one and get our candles, lamps, and wood built up. I find it humorous that we had quite a few water storage containers in the barn but of course they were empty. Who hauls the things full? They are five gallon containers and way a ton to haul around a bunch of them. So as a rain storm threatened Kirk and I just finished unloading the horse trailer as it became to dark to see and he hustled to the barn to split wood and I to arrange things for a dark evening. Luckily he had his headlamp with him and I a flashlight. Needless to say we will be bringing the lanterns, candles etc. on the next trip and filling a few of the water storage containers.

Who would of thought such a thing would have happened on our first night Kirk and I were to stay there together. LOL. I'm beginning to think the Lord is trying to tell me something. Something like get our hind ends moved because someone has to be there to heat the house by fueling the wood stove. April will soon be here and it usually has the worst storms. Shorter but more fierce. Add to that that this week I also got a contract for making 300 bags. The fabric for 96 will arrive this next week. What a blessing since we had to order a new camera, OUCH!!! Then there is the pressure I'm feeling to get moved for reasons only the Lord knows. Add to that that I have never emotionally felt so at peace as I have while in this house. Except the time we spend at the remote cabin where I went into the fields by myself. It is incredibly beautiful and quiet. It was kind of like staying in a cabin with the main source of light being the fire and the quiet that enveloped the house.

Kirk pulled a mattress of the kids over next to the fire as my poor Addison Disease body cratered. I lay under a mountain of quilts and kept the fire going all night. I was getting that bone chilling cold that means my body temp is falling into the 94 Fahrenheit's. The power came back on at 9 as we snuggled into bed for the night. The next day Kirk got up at four to go to work and I went back to bed as my body was crying for more rest. That was okay because the power went off again for a few hours. But I wasn't about to lay in bed forever so I began putting beds together and hauling boxes in from the garage. When the power came back on I washed some of the cupboards I was putting things in and wash the bedroom curtains. They had years of dirt caked on them. I can see why the previous owner kept the window blinds shut all the time. You can't see all the dirt. But how could you stand that with the breath taking views just waiting on the other side is beyond me. In her defense she did do a lot of cleaning before she left. I saw the before and after but though I'm not a clean freak, my standards are far, far different. The whole house will have to be washed from the ceilings down.

The inside hasn't been painted in 17 years and the outside needs some painting also. The carpet is horrible. That is okay I can clean and we can put in flooring. We will have to save up for appliances because they also are 17 years old.

But back to the house itself. The dining room is to the left of the kitchen. A kitchen that has cupboards, and cupboards, and cupboards. Oh how I'm going to love that. The sunroom you can see is VERY sunny and will be great for plants. That is where my mini garden will be. As for this planter you see in the fore ground. Most of the length of it has to go. Just what you see that is solid topped on the right corner of the picture and back to the bedroom will stay.

There is another planter just to the left of this one that is four feet from it and together they fashion a landing strip. The previous owner put fake plants in it. Kirk's folks like it but then they are from that era when this was a popular design. Kirk and I profusely dislike and most every one else from our age group and younger. I can just imagine it at family gatherings causing traffic jams. This place is a great family gathering spot with the big yard, the way the house is laid out, and the big deck on the back that faces the mountain. The problem with the runway is these low walls have lots of electrical attached plug ins, light switches etc. An electrician will have to be involved in the removal.
Now you can see why I was visiting the Behr paint site. This house is white. There is color on the walls. The dining room is a frosty purple, across the hall the office is a frosty old hospital green, two bedrooms a cool blue, and one a frosty pink. The colors are disjointed and I plan on bringing this home up a few class levels in keeping with the bones of the place. Meanwhile we will just clean and move.

Along with the insurance guy, the stove guy, was Kirk's folks out Thursday late afternoon. Kirk's step mom decided she was going to be the first guest. She said awesome wasn't a good enough word for the place. She wants a bubble bath in the master bathroom. There is a large window set just above the tub looking out on the mountain and a shelf next to the tub to place candles on. I'd have given you a picture but I couldn't get an angle that worked with my snappy camera. I'll try when the Cannon arrives.

Kirk's dad just said it was nice and looked in all the cupboards. I almost burst out giggling at him. If he is doing that it means he really likes the place. Then when he went to leave he said we needed a railing and a bench in the mudroom. We definitely do as he is getting up there in age and we do want them to come and visit often. When Kirk's step mom called the next day to see if we had power and asked what they could do to help, I had already thought of a plan. I knew she would call and ask so I planned on her helping me clean. As for Kirk's dad I said he could help me put in the railing and assist me in building the bench. I already have the materials for the bench. That way he can get it just to his liking. She laughed.
The master bedroom has a large walk in closet. It almost makes it unnecessary to have dressers. I forgot to get a picture of the dream laundry room. I'll try and bring you more photos as we continue the steady stream of running back and forth. I hope to make several trips this next week. As for the photos on the other camera, I forgot it in the car. We had to go shopping for a small step ladder, cleaning supplies, groceries, go to the bank, etc. and we took the car to town. Which reminds me. The other reason we have to get me moved in is Kirk won't have a four-wheel drive vehicle to get out to work if I'm not there and it snows big time.

 So I bid you adoo for I'd better get to work packing and cleaning this house. I have some floors to paint this weekend. Not sure how I'm going to pull that off with a knee that resembles one of those small watermelons you see at the store. I bet if you put a stethoscope up to it you could hear it slosh. Never had that happen before. I'm just thankful there are pain meds to keep me moving. I don't have time to stop and heal.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Sorry, I was sure I packed the little rose colored camera but alas, I can't find it in this mess - imagine that. That is my first task this morning is to fold four loads of laundry, clean up the kitchen counters and then what else, pack of course. I'll get the photos up as soon as I can find the camera.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The First Photos of the View From The New Place

I promised pictures and I'll begin with a few tonight. This is the road we drive up to get to our house. The place you see in the forefront is one of the ranches we pass on the county road.
This is the view to the south west from our yard.
And this is to the right of the house you saw in the forefront of the last photo.
This is to the west of us just to the right of the the above picture when looking out at the mountain from our back yard. Actually this is just the foothills of the Big Horn mountains but they are so tall you can't see the mountains from this area. The tracks you see in the snow are white-tail deer that come into the yard morning and night. There are several does and a couple fawns. Our five year old loved it. In fact she ran through the house over and over yelling, "I love this place!!!"
She was so tired of running everywhere, because she refused to walk yesterday evening or today, that by noon today she fell asleep as we returned to the title office to sign papers. Papers they did a boo boo on. They assigned the wrong number to our paperwork. Nothing is ever done anymore after the first time. Why is that? And then when we traded the car for the pickup at about 3 this afternoon at the house. She fell asleep again and slept all the way to her house an hour and a half away. She has been so excited she keeps wearing herself plum out. Poor tyke cried her self to sleep in my arms last night she was so.... exhausted from running. You know that cry they do when they are lulling themselves to sleep after being totally exhausted, kind of a chanting cry?
Her and I slept at the new place on mattresses we had just unloaded. Of course after she fell asleep I had to get back up and go to work again for a while putting things away. I'd loved to have gone to sleep at eight but there is so much to do. Our five year old thought it was the funniest sleep over ever and wanted the mattresses to remain on the floor until the next time she came. I believe no more sleep overs from any of the grandkids until we get moved. She was a really good kid but kids are a great deal of work and I have enough right now.
Before bed she had insisted on talking to her sisters on the phone and telling them all about her new home. (The kids believe that our house is their house and why not since they stay sometimes for three weeks at a time and once they lived with us for a year. ) The older girls were beyond jealous. They are insisting on coming this weekend for their tour. At the end of the conversation our five year old began to cry. I'm sure she misses her sisters as they are quite close and between emotions of being gone from the for a week, and being very tired, she had had enough for one day.
This is the view out our bedroom window that we will look at as we lay in bed. Now if we only we had a bed in the master bedroom but that set is still at the old house. We have to have something there to sleep on as the stock of course are still there in part because the ground is too frozen to pound posts into.

That is all for now. I'll download the other camera tomorrow and show you what's on there. Yes, these are from the snappy cameras. The two cameras took turns working. But hey at least one of them was doing the job even though it was never the same one. Meanwhile my beloved camera is still refusing to take pictures. I'll have to order a new camera body tomorrow. I give up. The view and wild life is too spectacular to miss taking pictures of and besides we really do need it for Kirk's business and mine when I get a moment to work on it. We load up again tomorrow and back we go again. Oh my aching back and knee. I just keep telling myself if I just keep it up I'll soon be here permanently and I can sit on the couch, put my feet up, and look at this view or rather the view from the living room that I'll be showing you tommorrow. I'm exhausted myself and so I bid you goodnight.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

An Addictive Paint Site

This site is downright addictive. You go in and pick paint colors by Behr paint and then start painting rooms - bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens.  With a click of the mouse you spread color over the walls that you want. It is amazing how quickly I changed my mind. A color I thought was so.... pretty in the small swatch could send me quickly flipping back to look at different colors when it was spread across the walls of a room. The same thing has happened to me when I've brought home a gallon of paint and began painting. It is amazing how different it looks spread across a large area. This site also allows you to paint different colors on different walls of the same room.

One fun thing is they have six or so bedrooms to choose from and the same goes for the other rooms. One complaint though. They have all the trim in white so why don't they make all the bedspreads white too? It caused some eye clashing rooms. I would like a room's architectural qualities but the photo or the bedspread would clash with the paint choice.  It was very distracting. In my folder I collected for Kirk to look at when he comes home, I tried to pick pretty neutral rooms so he wouldn't get confused. He's always saying that he can't imagine it. Only when it comes to decorating the house that is. I'm collecting a whole folder of ideas for him in Pinterest. This is going to be fun!!
This room is painted on the computer with Miami Spice. Our oldest daughter picked this one out after I had chosen a hotter pink paint. She warned me I'd be painting the room twice if I went with my first choice. I'm just not much of a pink person. Neither is our oldest grand daughter but the other three love it even though our five year old would choose red over pink. Red is definitely out. I like some red rooms - just not in my house. Our oldest daughter knows me very well and was right after I had thought about it. My type of Autism leaves me hypersensitive to sights, sounds, and touch. Over stimulation is a biggy with me and this is indeed more soothing.  Our five year old grand daughter has declared this color BEAUTIFUL! Knowing the others, I'm sure they will like it too.

This color reminds me a little of the room my parents had when I was young. It was cantaloupe. Just the shade of a Rocky Ford melon on the inside. This room has the same appeal that says it will give you a hug. I loved that peach room and would stare at it through the doorway of my bedroom.  I came home one day from school and was sure that my mother had completely lost it. I had to have been only about five years old. To an extremely analytical brain such as mine, she just didn't make logical sense even when I was very young. I couldn't figure out why she never asked me what color I wanted in MY room. You couldn't have picked a worse color combination if you tried for an Autistic child sensitive to sight, sound, and touch. Keep in mind this room was directly across the hall from my parent's cantaloupe colored  room. The new carpet in my room was fire engine red. The walls a light pink. I hated pink as a child. I still only want it in smaller doses. The curtains which came a little later were white with deep red stripes.

Flow was definitely not what she had in mind. I suppose she thought that every little girl loves pink - most do. And since my mother made up in her mind who I was, I must have been that little girl who loved pink. Mom's presents throughout my life always reflected the character she had chosen for me. It was never in the ball parks but hey, it made her happy. Unlike her, I think I know my grand daughters pretty well. I spend a great deal of time with them.

As we've visited the new home, I've tried to figure out the true character of the place. These colors are complete night and day from the ones our present home has. One that fits the homes bones and colors we'd love too. I'm determined to try and make a room for the girls. One that the four can enjoy. The oldest grand daughter isn't keen on pink but this isn't really pinky. The five year old if given a choice would choose red. I can appreciate red rooms. I just can't live with a red room. She has declared this color beautiful so we are doing well.

This move has been really hard on our family. This home is all they have ever known. Our oldest moved here when she was one.  The grandkids have known nothing else either and associate us with this house. We tried to paint a picture of the new place but they can't fathom it.
The kitchen is wall to wall cupboards with only a little space above to paint darker gray. This and the brown adjoining living room will pick up the dark gray and dark brown rocks behind the free standing stove in the living room.

We took our five year old with us to take a couple trailer loads and sign the papers on the new place. To quell the -Are we there yets? - as we traveled, I kept pointing out how we were getting closer to the mountains as we drove. That and we told really bad jokes. You know, the ones a five year old makes up that aren't funny or clever except this one that I thought was pretty good. Why did the banana split - because it wanted ice cream. The rest were like, "Why did the baby cross the road -- to get to its mama." What is worse than a bad joke told once? You got it. I had to remember every answer she ever gave and I gave because I had a pop quiz on them on the way home. LOL

 I told our munchkin when the mountains were really close, we would be there. I tried to explain about the house and how we were no longer going to be living in town. She just couldn't put her brain around the concept. The grand kids have really had a hard time with this change. They decided at one point that they needed to move into our present home when we moved out. This home has been a source of joy and security and is all they have ever know. We have tried and tried to get them excited about the new place. Our five year old wasn't really buying it. When we grew closer and drove down the county road through cow and horse pastures, she declared we were going to live in a field. And if you think about it, we are.  

When we grew really close and the mountains were right there, she hollered from the back seat," It's so beautiful Grandma!" Indeed the mountains and the fields are a site to behold all blanketed in snow. After I took her through a tour of the house, we had signed the papers, and had returned to unload the trailers, she became angry. She was angry for a day and a half. When ever I tried to explain why we weren't moving into the house and why we had just put belongings into the barn she kept saying, "It's OUR house Grandma." "Those old people should just get OUT!"

 Well she's won over even if she isn't completely reasonable. Who can blame her when everywhere you look there are white tail deer. We drove through a flock of wild turkeys who were headed over to the neighbors to eat the corn laid out for them. Earlier our son's bird dog had flushed a flock of huns in our field while we were walking through it and the foot of snow covering it. It has indeed been quite a winter. We have yet to not see pheasants on the corner that we turn heading up the county road to our place. What outdoors girl wouldn't love this place.

What made me mad was I forgot my camera. I thought about it and then forgot as I was busy loading trailers and getting things gathered up for the house signing. I promise I'll put it in the truck first next time. We are having trouble with my good camera and will probably end up buying another but we do have some pain in the behind snappy cameras. They frustrate me to no end but I will bring them if that is all I have because you've heard nothing but stories.

Meanwhile, I'll show you the colors I have in mind for the new place. My inspirations is a Canadian goose. The black, gray, white, and tan colors of their feathers set against a green and blue background. I'm thinking of some of the photos I've taken and will enlarge for the walls of the dining room.
 From warm colors to cool. No wonder my mother could never figure me out. I am complex. Instead of just picking colors I like, I asked the house. The more formal bones of this home and setting say that it needs cooler colors. It has far more classy possibilities than the present home we are in. Our old home is in warm colors but I have varied tastes. The walls in the new home are presently white, the cupboards throughout the home are white, and the very old carpet is light gray. This new home is about to get turned on its ear and will hardly be recognizable when we get through. Yes, we will begin slowly remodeling and the first step is to paint. Then we will give the home tile and wood floors. Kirk wants to do some fancier tile work than he did in this home. He is rather getting in to it. We will update the bathrooms and kitchen as inexpensively as possible though the appliances have to go soon as they are wore out. We will bring the decorating in line with the feel of the home. When we are old and gray, oh wait Kirk is already gray. How about when we are too old to do more than sit out on the back deck and look at the stars then we might HAVE to sell but I'm looking to live there a long, long time.

The past owners weren't thrilled with the home they had built. To be blunt, they just never had the imagination to see its potential. My mind is teaming with possibilities.

If you too are looking for a creative adventure and ideas for your home, I'd recommend the Behr paint site. It is addictive. After choosing colors, you can put them on different walls of a room and see if they coordinate. I wanted colors nearly the same hue so they would cause a flow throughout the home. That always tends to make it appear larger. The white trim throughout will also help to pull it all together. I can't wait to start. But first we have to move and the weather warm so we can put in corrals. The past owner was trying to fix a post of the fence by the house that blew down and broke off his crow bar.  Come on weather warm up.

Next week the weather forecaster predicted a week of nice temperatures, in the thirties and forties. I hope they stay and it just grows warmer and warmer. Now if only the 8 inches it dumped in that area today will melt away without leaving the place so muddy we can't get in. Last Wednesday we had to chain up our pickup while it was in four wheel drive to get up the steep hill with the two trailers. Had we known the chains were in our son's truck Kirk was driving, we would not have had to switch trailers back and forth between trucks to get up the hill. This moving in the winter is for the birds but we have to get it done so we can finish the work we need to do on our home here and get it up for sale.