Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Adventurous Chicken

Fitted with the task to describe myself for the profile of this blog my brain emptied like a refrigerator right before a long vacation. As the minutes ticked by and my mind remained blank, I panicked. To coax it back home I decided to write a list of perceptions of myself.
I wrote...
big chicken
...then stopped and giggled.
In two words I have described myself perfectly. No, adventurous and big chicken are not an oxymoron or a stupidnoid as my dear husband calls it. I love to try new things, just not sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, or anything else that raises one's heels more than a few feet off the ground. Nor am I inclined to head the other way and scuba dive or go spelunking as I'm claustrophobic, and stock car racing is way too fast.
I prefer...
raising livestock, spinning, knitting, soap making, photography, writing,
horseback riding, bee keeping, gardening, fly fishing,
sewing, cooking and cheese making
...to name just a few of my past times.
In fact, we just butchered a beef and spent this morning cleaning up equipment. My husband rendered the dry, hard fat that hangs near the kidneys creating a pretty, sunflower yellow, hot liquid that has me thinking I should turn it into Castile soap. Definitely not today, so into the frig it will go to cool into a solid white mass.
Yet, with all these hobbies I would hardly call myself a back to basic kind of gal for I'm far too attached to my dishwasher, Kitchen-aid mixer, clothes washer, and four-wheel drive pickup to ever go back to a primitive lifestyle. I've hauled water to do dishes and been limited to the use of an outhouse. In fact, in the middle of one winter my dad's sewer line backed up leaving only the outhouse that the skunk air conditioned the summer before. No, thank you; I've lived my pioneer ancestors lifestyle for brief periods of time and that's an adventure. To have to live it permanently would be a torture. I invite you to drop in and read my blog as I describe easy living the hard way.

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