Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Days!

"Yes!" I exclaimed, then as my feet did a merry jig my voice trilled,

"Zippity-do-daw, Zippity a..., my oh my what a wonderful day
Plenty of sunshine coming my way, Zippity-do-daw, Zippity a..."

I couldn't contain myself.
Since February, I had been praying we'd receive the news that Wayne, a rancher, would have an orphan calf for us to raise and my hope had become a reality. As I went to look at the calendar for an available time to pick up the calf, another tune popped into my head and I modified the seven dwarves' words,

"Hi ho, Hi ho, its off to the ranch we go... to pi...ick up a baby calf, hi ho..., hi ho... ,

Calming down just a little my mind wondered to last year when we picked up Tinker Bell. It was February and cold and I was afraid the little black angus, heifer would catch pneumonia on the trip home, so I came prepared. Wedging her between my legs to hold her still, I'd slipped a skin tight, hot pink, market lamb show blanket on her and then, buckled a loose fitting canvas sheep blanket over that. As Wayne watched a smile played on his lips, "You've moved up to first on our calling list when we have a bum.", he commented. I didn't have to ask why.

I know about ranchers, my father managed a cattle and sheep spread before he retired and he shakes his head and laughs at my fussy mothering. That's okay, someone has to be the entertainment and besides, when an orphan needs a large dose of T.L.C., I know who they'll call - me. Straightening up I could see the twinkle in Waynes eyes and I had to ask, "I'm going to be the talk of the dinner table tonight, aren't I?" He didn't reply but, the answer was evident in his smile.

"Happy days are here again. The sun is shining here again... Happy days are here agai...n!",
my voice trailed off as it chirped out yet another merry tune. My exuberance was bubbling forth into song once again but what else could you expect from me as; the goats are due to kid; three packages of bees are coming in a week and a half; then a few days after that, the baby chicks will arrive in the mail. It's almost more that this baby lover can stand. But, enough of that, I'd better get my chores done, and get to town, so I can buy some milk replacer for the calf. It isn't the best substitute for cow's milk but we've yet to finalize arrangements on a new milking doe and until she arrives and takes over the milk supply demand it will have to do as our own goats won't be able to contribute as they've their own kids to feed.

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