Friday, May 22, 2009

Double Yolker

The incredible edible egg is running through my mind as I anticipate the opening of a real whopper sized one. It's sure to be a double yolker. But, there's a slim chance, very slim, that it will be a triple yolker. In eighteen years, it's happened once and the third yolk was real small but ever since then, I keep hoping for another one. Why is beyond me as three yolks don't make a better egg and separating the yolks from the whites for angel food cake would be a real challenge.


Whoever laid this humdinger, I feel sorry for. OUCH! I wonder if chickens get hemorrhoids? Anyone care to check for me? I'm not quite curious enough to look.

Sure enough, when I opened the egg it was a double yolker. The first one I discovered caused me to wondered if twin yolks would produce twin chicks? It won't. The yolk is what the chicks eat and it's body forms in the white. Smart chick, the yolk is my favorite part too.

Years ago, when I looked up the information, I stumbled across an article on how to use an old dentists drill to pierce a tiny hole in an egg shell so you can squirt food safe, dye inside. It claimed the chick when hatched would have colored downy feathers. How cool would pink, blue, and green chicks be? The color wouldn't last long as chicks start to gain stiff feathers in a week. But a white breed chicken might look pretty neat with blue downy feathers and stiff white feathers poking out here and there. I always thought I'd try it sometime but I never did. Maybe, I'll do it with the grand kids some year. Dye the eggs before I incubate them I mean, of course not color the grand kids. They can watch.

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