Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Up To My Whazoo

I had half a Holiday Waffle this morning. You know, the ones I told you about in an earlier blog. This was a frozen chocolate one that I reheated and put blueberries and strawberries on with a dollop of whip cream. It was to lift my depressive mood at seeing all the work ahead of me. My mom has been here for eleven days and I'm backlogged to the Whazoo. Where's the Whazoo ? I don't know. It's so far away, I've never been there before and since I'm never caught up - just less behind- I probably never will know.

So today, I decided to show you what our daughter Toni did with my bison pictures, do my laundry, mow the lawn, etc. and shoot a few photos for a corrals to garden recycling blog I've had in mind for a couple weeks. You haven't seen my garden before because it was either frost bitten or shredded by the hail. Since catching up on the blogs I follow and seeing JLB's hailed out piece of property, I've decided I'm blessed and I'll give you a peek.

If anyone needs a recipe for those chocolate waffles or gingerbread waffles you'll have to e-mail me at HollyRexroat@gmail.com since they aren't original to me and if I put them on my blog my daughter, the assistant editor, said it would be illegal.

I was taking some pictures early in the morning and the sun's rays were back lighting the animals. I wasn't real pleased with the photos but the camera did some unusual reflections. Our oldest daughter started to play with these rooster photos and they turned out pretty cool but they're not showing up correctly on the blog. Sorry! Later that same day, I wasn't real pleased with my bison pictures as the pixels were low. Again, Toni who has a degree in photography along with one in English started to play with them on her computer.


Computer altered photo done in Crosshatch

Computer altered photo done in Water Color

What's your vote? Mine is for the water color picture.

The bison have moved to one pasture away. When they move into the same pasture as the bees then maybe, I'll get some good shots of them.

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