Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh Joy!

Finally, after four years of saving I have a new Ashford spinning wheel, a Joy. My Traditional wheel is a bit wobbly from moving it so much and has to be frequently adjusted. Who knows, it may end up being one of those family heirlooms. It has served me for over twenty years and now will go on to my oldest daughter for her to learn to spin on. Memories of spinning are tied to fifteen years of homeschooling. While the kids did their school work at the kitchen table, I spun. That way, I was right beside them if they needed help yet, I was accomplishing something while I waited for them to ask.

For years, I've longed for a Joy. It is sturdier, folds up, and slips inside a carrying case. Many a time I wanted to bring my spinning wheel along but couldn't because of its bulky size. This wheel arrived just in time for our trip to San Antonio, Texas. It will be our thirtieth anniversary and a second honeymoon. Going in August is a bit insane but we're combining business and pleasure.

The temperatures are guaranteed to be a shock. We're wearing sweatshirts up here in Wyoming It's cold. In fact, one day last week, the high was sixty- two. This week is forecast for the seventies, my favorite temperatures, and here we are trading those for the high nineties. *************************************************************************************

Next to me is the garden cat, he's sleeping in his antique egg crate. Night shifts are pretty hard on him.
A pound of Corriedale wool came with the wheel and as you can see, I've begun converting it to yarn. What am I going to make with it. I haven't the foggiest notion. I know, I know, one should have a project in mind so you can determine the size of yarn to make but I saved up once for this wheel and then had to use the money for other things. It has now been seven years since I first started saving. I'm not waiting any longer to spin with this wheel. One can always ply two, three, or four, threads together to get the thickness of yarn needed.

Of course, I couldn't just buy a wheel even though it came with wool and I have four garbage bags full in the basement and a couple Rubbermaid, none of which is prepared to spin. So, I spurged and bought Merino roving in a smokey brown and Merino and bamboo for socks. The dyes were to quell my guilt feeling at buying more wool when I really didn't need any and to prod me to prepare and dye some of my fine fleeces - Cormo, Targhee, Ramboullet.

And I found a really good deal on a pound and 10 ounces of Merino wool - bits and pieces - on e-bay.

I can't buy any more and I probably won't. It was a moment of insanity. But, this winter will be joyful, I'll be immersed in wool. How bad can that be?

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