Friday, September 18, 2009

Once Again

Looks like I'm starting hormone medications again. Just at lower doses this time since Many Pauses is knocking at my door. I did fine for a few months off them and then crash. I can't wait to begin so when I kneel down on the floor I don't have to crawl to the couch in order to use it to get up again and I won't look like I'm trying to hurtle myself across the room when I struggle to go from a sitting position to standing. No hormones - no strength. In a month I'll even be taking some Testosterone again, now that's a muscling hormone. But enough of woes it's time to get somethings done.

My husbands home today and so we're taking a load to the dump and recycling center 40 miles away. If that seems like a long ways away to you well, everything is a long ways away when you live in eastern Wyoming. We live on the wide open plains and towns are few and a long ways apart, most sixty or seventy miles with nothing in between but ranch land.

I'll blog again this weekend and tell you about the green tomato salsa I made and the banana cake I'm going to make. But for now, I had better get to work while the motivation lasts. The strength has already gone.

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