Monday, February 15, 2010

Angel Food Cake in Bread Pans

When you have too many eggs what do you make? I make souffles and angel food cakes. And you may remember that in an earlier blog I was wondering what would happen if I made my angel food cake in large bread pans instead of an angel food cake pan?
Well, I did just that but in my rush to get everything done for my mother's eightieth birthday party, I automatically sprayed two of the the bread pans with oil before I thought, "Oh no, you don't grease an angel food pan. There is probably a reason. I hope they don't fall." In my panick I rushed to the refrigerator to check but I already knew I didn't have enough eggs (takes 12 to 14 per cake) to make more and certainly not enough time to make two more angel food cakes before we left for her house.
I crossed my fingers and prayed that they would turn out. Then since I'd caught myself, I did not grease the last pan.
As you can see I should have, for in the greased pans the angel food cakes came out clean and in the non-greased it wasn't so nice.

But I loved the results and I'm not sure my angel food cake pan will ever get used again. The cake sliced up and lay on the cake plates and the strawberries and whip cream stayed on top. They tend to want to slide off on the wedge shaped cake done in the traditional pan. The rectangular shape stacked nicely in the freezer and took up less room than the round shape. I'm sold since I love home-made angel food cake. If you haven't tasted one there is no comparison to the cardboard tasteless ones the box kind from the store makes and one done from scratch. My husband caught three of my cousins in the kitchen just eating slices of mine plain, looks of rapture on their faces.
I typically keep some dessert in the freezer just in case I need one for church, a friend, or my family or company stops by, and this would be a great decorative one to have. Frozen fruit is always in my freezer and most of the time fresh cream in my refrigerator. It makes any occasion a festive one.
So whip up some home-made angel food cake and try it in large bread pans next time.

And if its a party, hand out the paper bowls to the kids and let their artistical talents flow. Then punch a hole on each side, thread some curly ribbon through and don your party hat. It wasn't what was planned but as the party progressed an inventive cute little cousin started running around with a bowl on his head and one thing led to another and before long almost every one was wearing the new style. Yes, my mother's eightieth birthday was a special event for us all.

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