Friday, October 14, 2011

Busy, During My Down Time

 When I'm resting, watching a program on the Internet, I like to stay busy. Lately, I haven't been spinning, just too tired to pedal but my hands have been busy knitting.

A few of us are going to do an Etsy thing a ma jig and we are making some things to sell. I have no idea how to price what I make but I'm hoping someone else in the threesome does. This crazy small hat is one of those items. It is hand spun and hand knitted. The zig zag pattern is something I saw on a cowl type scarf on the Internet. There wasn't a pattern for the scarf but after studying the picture I came up with my own version converted to fit a hat.

Because each row has two colors, which means two yarns, the hat is extra warm and the best part is it used up a bunch of little balls of yarn I had left over.
 This hat is another of those, yarn left over, projects. The bright neon yellowy - green on the bottom will fold up under and give extra warmth to some one's ears and the stripes will be transformed into plaids. I'll tell you how when I'm finished but my husband is giving me the, "Hurry up." sign so I'd best go. We are going to see his dad and hear all about his trip to Washington.

Wyoming honors its WWII vets by flying them to D.C. for a two day tour. Eighty vets were on this particular flight. I think it is an awesome thing for our state to do. I think they have done one flight per year and they must be about at the tail end for Kirk's dad was serving during the last part of the war.  

Do any other states in the U.S.A. do this?

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